Trans Canada Trail Challenge

Trans Canada Trail Relay 2000 ChallengeTrans Canada Trail Relay 2000 Challenge Badge

Designed to learn about the Trans Canada Trail and the great outdoors.

You must complete the first one and then choose 5 others to achieve this challenge.

  • View a video on the Trans Canada Trail. Check out the library or internet. Find out how it started and what its path is across Canada.
  • Participate in a hike along the Trans Canada Trail or a similar trail in your area. The length of the hike to be appropriate for your unit age level.
  • Attend a bridging event related to the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Visit a Heritage site or museum on or near the Trail. How has the area changed since the trail was built?
  • Take part in a litter pickup along the trail. Why do people litter?
  • Observe nature along the Trail, do bark rubbings, find the biggest tree, or check out a stream or pond. Find some signs of animals.
  • With permission plant a tree or flowers on the trail.
  • Participate in the “Hug a Tree” program.
  • Play games, sing some songs and do a craft related to hiking and the outdoors or the Trail.
  • Using a compass follow a simple trail. Or do some orienteering or geocaching.
  • Participate in 2000 seconds of active activities, games, hikes.
  • Identify the trees and plants along the trail. Measure a tree to find out how old it is.
  • Find out how our forefathers built the Railroad system through the country.
  • Build a trail with trail markers at your campsite.
  • Try canoeing or kayaking and find out about the water ways along the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Collect water samples while on a hike. Test water for acidity etc.
  • Set up and man a water station on a Relay in your area.
  • How can we conserve water? Make a poster or collage.
  • Learn some water related songs.
  • Participate in an outdoor winter activity night.
  • Do an activity of your choosing that is equivalent.

Crests are $ 1.50 each and available from the Provincial Office.

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