Link ages 19-30

Link is open to any member ages 19-30.

The 1st Newfoundland and Labrador Link Unit has doubled in size since their first meeting at the beginning of 2018. The unit had a fun-filled and productive year.

Some members of the unit are in post-secondary education, some are working full-time and others are figuring out what their future looks like. Several of them are Guiders for other branches of Guiding. Link is a wonderful way for these like-minded individuals to get together when they can to share their love of Guiding. It is a way to stay connected to this well-built organization and “be everything she wants to be.”

The members of the unit got together in early January to put together a tentative plan for their year. Plans for 2019 include snowshoeing, hiking, camping, crafting and volunteering for local organizations.

The unit has come a long way since last year. They have set up leadership roles to create opportunities in different aspects of the program. There are currently four roles:

NL Link Liaison –Emily Kenny

Communications –vacant

Social Events Coordinator –vacant

Volunteer Liaison –vacant

With the help of the women in this group and especially in these roles, the word has spread about Link through Facebook and Instagram. They have volunteered in our community and hosted events that were both fun and educational.

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