Safe Guide

Forms What is Safe Guide?

Be Prepared is the motto of Girl Guides around the world. This challenges us to think critically as we work to meet the needs of today’s girls and Guiders in providing girl-focused programming. Safe Guide is the document that GGC provides to guide Members in the preparation of plans for exciting activities and opportunities in their quest to deliver innovative activities for girls.

Provincial Process for Activity Assessment

Determine Safe Guide Activity Level (Green, Yellow or Red)

  • Use Activity Planning Chart in the Safe Guide document (page 16). Your level is determined by the highest level ticked anywhere on the chart.
  • Green Level activities: Follow Safe Guide. Check supervision ratios, parent information & permission, first aid and emergency response planning. No further assessment needed.
  • For Yellow or Red activities: At this level, someone outside your Unit (a provincial Safe Guide assessor) will take a “second look” at your plans to ensure they all Safe Guide requirement are met.Submit all required documents to Your documents will then be sent to an appropriate assessor who will communicate directly with you regarding your activity plan


Time Lines

  • Yellow: Submit at least 14 days before activity
  • Red: Submit at least 21 days before activity
  • Special travel activities:
    • Travel touring Canada over 72 hours:  Submit at least 30 days in advance
    • International under 72 hours:  Submit at least 30 days in advance
    • International over 72 hours:  Submit at least 1 year  prior to activity or before fund raising

Documents needed

  • Must submit for assessment:  SG.1, SG.3 & SG.4
  • May be needed:  WA.1 (water activities), SG.7 (Third Party Service Provider), SG.8 (pre-authorization for special travel), SG.5, SG.6 & SG.7 (for adventure activities).
  • All forms and the full Safe Guide document can be found HERE

Safe Guide Talks

Timely tips and reminders to help you plan for safety using Safe Guide

Further Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact the Safe Guide Assessor designated for your general application with any questions regarding planning that activity and Safe Guide in general. Your Provincial Safe Guide Advisor, Jennifer Mills, is also available with up-to-date information on Safe Guide Procedures.

Become a Safe Guide Assessor
Your provincial Safe Guide team consists of a number of hard working Assessors who support Guiders in planning for safety. If you would like to help in ensuring safe and challenging activities for the girls by becoming a Safe Guide Assessor, check out the Job Description and Application for more information.

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