Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Guiding movement. Whether you are new to Guiding, have a few years under your belt or are a life-long member, young women and seasoned members can bring a variety of experiences to our organizations. Recruitment is currently underway for the following provincial-level volunteer positions.

The application form for Provincial Committees is available on the forms page and can be sent to the Operations Team Lead (macdonaldm@girlguides.ca).

Are you looking for a new Guiding challenge? Join the Nova Scotia Provincial Commissioner and her team! With the fourth largest membership in the country it takes a province to put girls first – so we need your help!

Who is eligible?

  • Nova Scotia adult Guiders with current membership
  • Guiders of any age or experience bracket
  • Guiders who have a passion for Girl Guides

Reasons to apply:

  • Three-year terms
  • Flexible meeting schedules
  • Give back to the Guiding community in a new way
  • Skills based volunteer positions
  • Opportunity to network with provincial peers
  • Gain valuable skills that enhance your resume
  • Be a part of the bigger picture – Mentor-ship provided as you move along in your new role.

NS is very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers to help our members experience the best Guiding can offer, but we can’t do it without help. Because members serve a period of three years in a provincial role, there are several positions that will be available this May and we are looking for interested individuals to join the team.

Available Volunteer Positions

Positions will be removed once filled.

Full position descriptions are available on the Committee Responsibilities page

  • Girl Engagement Representative: provides coordination and oversight of the Provincial Program, International, and Camping Sub Committees.
  • Water Assessor: Assesses Water Activities; Levels Yellow, Red, International, Travel over 72 Hours in Canada and ensures the overall safety of members participating in those activities.
  • Active Living Adviser: Working with the Program team, the Active Living Adviser promotes active living activities through programming for girls and Guiders.
  • Trainer Development Coordinator: Working with the Provincial Training Adviser the Trainer development Coordinator supports Guiders wishing to undertake the Trainer Stream Modules and complete the requirements to become a Trainer.

Members in the following positions will be completing their three-year terms at the May Annual General Meeting. To ensure a smooth transition, applications are open now for the following:

Council members:

  • Area Commissioner: Leads her area and chairs the area council.* She provides leadership and in her role on the Provincial Council has input into decisions that support the implementation of policies and programs at the provincial level of the organization.
    • *Positions for Dartmouth Shore Area and Harvest Trail Area will be available this spring.
  • Youth Liaison: Ensures the voice of girl members is considered in council deliberations and is the liaison between the council and Youth Forum.
  • Member Services Representative: Provides coordination and oversight of the provincial Training, Membership, Public Relations/Communications, Link and Trefoil Guild Sub-Committees.

Provincial Committee Members:

  • Safe Guide Adviser (Risk Management Team): Oversees, directs, administers, and approves the use of Safe Guide protocols and procedures within the province.
  • Camping Adviser (Girl Engagement Team): Supports, promotes, plans, and coordinates camping and outdoor activities, including adventure events and related training, for girl and adult members.
  • Quest Lead (Camping Team): Promotes and administers a camping experience for Pathfinder and Ranger-age members, delivering a high standard of camping experience for all.
  • Spark and Brownie Camp Lead (Camping Team): Coordinates and organizes Spark/Brownie camp by planning activities for camp, ensuring they meet the standards set out in Safe Guide.
  • International Adviser (Girl Engagement Team): Supports, promotes, and coordinates international education, activities, travel, and programming, including international and interprovincial travel opportunities for girl and adult members.
  • Program Adviser (Girl Engagement Team): Supports and promotes all learning and engagement activities relating to branch specific programming activities for girls.
  • STEM Coordinator (Program Team): Promotes STEM activities through NS GGC programming for girls and Guiders
  • Arts Coordination (Program Team): Promotes art activities through NS GGC programming for girls and Guiders
  • Active Living Coordinator (Program Team): Promotes active living activities through NS Girl Guides programming for girls and Guiders
  • Training Adviser (Member Services Team): Provides advice, supports, promotes, coordinates, and ensures delivery of training for adult members and coordinates learning and developmental opportunities for Trainers.
  • Membership Adviser (Member Services Team): Plans and supports activities and processes relating to the growth, registration, retention, and recognition of girl and adult members within the areas and province.
  • PR Communications Adviser (Member Services Team): Develops, implements, and monitors public relations strategies to increase public awareness of GGC. 

As a reminder, the application form for Provincial Committees is available on the forms page and can be sent to the Operations Team Lead (macdonaldm@girlguides.ca).

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