Our Programs

Guiding offers a wide range of opportunities for girls age 5 - 17. Guiding offers the widest range of activities of any extracurricular activity for girls and young women, with opportunities to explore the arts, sciences, outdoor challenges, global awareness and so much more through enriching experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime. Interested in more BRANCH specific information, check below:
SPARKS 5-6 years old
EMBERS 7-8 years old

GUIDES 9-11 years old

PATHFINDERS 12-14 years old
RANGERS 15-17 years old
LONES – all ages
People carrying a canoe Three girls hold bow and arrows
A girl climbing on wood
EXTRA OPS - TREX 12-17 years old

Extraordinary Options, or EXTRA OPS, is for girls who are more interested in the *doing* of Guiding and less
interested in earning badges and recognition available in Pathfinders or Rangers. This is definitely for girls
who want to pursue their interests in a very focused way.

For more information on Extra Ops / Trex, please contact us
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