Cumberland Camp

Located in Wallace, Camp Cumberland is a tenting camp only-there is no residential camping available. The site has a Lodge for inside cooking and food storage, and several tenting sites. Large open areas along with geocaching, and hiking trails are also available.  Unsupervised waterfront is available.

Camp Phone: no phone available on site 
Booking Contact
- Debbie Cvitkovick
Phone : (902-597-2570)  Email: 

This is a seasonal camp, open from spring till late fall and can accommodate multiple groups for tenting. 

The Cooking Lodge has a kitchen with standard supplies, stove, standard size fridge and freezer, also wheelchair accessible. 

Outside amenities: There are various tenting sites. Cook shelters, picnic tables, water tap(s) close by, outdoor lats, etc are also on site.  There are cooking firepits, a Reflections area and lots of open space for wide games. 

Waterfront: Unsupervised 

Please see the: Properties Emergency Escalation process

More about the camp: more information will be coming on the following

  • Kitchen Supplies provided
  • Other supplies provided 
  • What else you should know
  • Information for Safe Guide forms
  • Rates
  • Suggested Unit Kit List

  • Camp Photos- to follow

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