NS Council Properties

NS Council Properties

Booking a property

Units are welcome to book the Provincial Guide Office for events and unit camping. Members can choose from a variety of indoor spaces, review property amenities and availability and book a camp property.
Please note, GGC camp properties can be booked directly with the camp committees – see section below.

For more information about the office, for assistance with your booking, or if you are a non-GGC/Guiding group wanting to book a property, please email NS-PropertyBookings@girlguides.ca .

Camp program resources (Member Zone login required): Everything Guiders need to make sure campers get the most out of their camping experience. From forms to programming ideas, camper expectations by branch and how to build a campfire, this page is a must-read for camp programmers and campers alike. Let the adventures begin!

Third-Party Non-GGC Group Bookings

If you are a third-party group (non-GGC) group and are interested in booking our properties, please contact NS-PropertyBookings@girlguides.ca for more information.

Area Properties

Nova Scotia Guide House

Halifax Regional Camp Committee Properties

Other Properties

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