What is Quest?

Quest is a Girl Guides of Nova Scotia camp for Pathfinders, Rangers, Bridging Members and Guiders. The Quest "main event" takes place on Saturday from 10am to 10pm. Using a map, Pathfinder/Trex teams move around on a 2km course, visiting stations (called "Projects") and completing challenges. Each Project is scored, with an emphasis on teamwork (so it is about how well you work together to complete the task, not just about how well you do the task). Pathfinders and Trex are the participants, with the projects being run by Rangers/Bridging Members and Guiders. Past Quest projects have included fire starting, camp skills, logic games, a bridge-building challenge, compass navigation, communication challenges, giant board games, a rope and pulley “CanadaArm” challenge, archery challenge, and a giant slingshot that fired rubber chickens at targets. Each year, there is a theme, and the projects are designed to match the theme.

When is Quest?

Date: October 4-6
Theme: Book Bash
Location: Smileys Provincial Park, outside Windsor, NS

Quest Information

Quest details and information will be available over the coming months. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Quest Core Crew

Position information for Quest Core Crew can be found on the Committee Responsibilities page.

To volunteer, fill out the Adult Camp Volunteer Application.

Quest pictures from previous years.

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