Adult members are important role models for our girls and young women. Therefore, it is important to maintain consistently high standards and values in recruiting and screening potential members. The overriding concern is the safety of the girls and integrity of the organization. For the safety of the girls and adult members, all adult members of the organization must obtain a police records check (PRC) that meets GGC requirements every three years.

For current members

Effective April 2014, all members of the Nova Scotia Council will be asked to complete their PRC via BackCheck. Three months prior to the PRC expiry date, current members will receive an email reminder to renew their PRC. This email will include a link and instructions on how to obtain their PRC. Please make sure that we have the correct email on file. This service is free of charge for current members of GGC.

For new/potential members

Effective immediately, all new members (potential members, or PMBR) will be screened using BackCheck. Upon receiving a Membership Application (A.1) form for the PMBR, Guide House will submit her information to BackCheck. On behalf of GGC, BackCheck will send the PMBR an email asking her to begin the screening process. This process must be completed within fifteen (15) days, and a PMBR cannot take part in a unit until this portion of her screening has been completed. This process is free of charge to the PMBR.

For non-members

A non-member may also complete her PRC via BackCheck. However, the cost of completing a PRC is not covered by GGC. She may also share a PRC previously done through BackCheck with Girl Guides. This process is offered at a reduced rate of $23. If you are a non-member who would like to complete your PRC via BackCheck, or share a previously completed PRC with GGC Nova Scotia, please contact the screening team at

During the application process, you will be asked three questions about your credit history (i.e., car loans, student loans, etc.) THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CHECK. The information requested is simply to verify your identity with Transunion. The information provided by an applicant as part of the process is not available to anyone at BackCheck or Girl Guides. No notation is placed on the applicant's credit file that they have even applied for a criminal record check. At no time will you be asked for an account number or any financial information such as balances.

Any questions about obtaining a PRC should be directed to the screening team at

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