Guiding in Nova Scotia is supported by provincial committees made up of members from across the province who provide support to you as a member.  The Team consists of a Provincial Adviser who works with members of their committee and with the Area representatives as appropriate.  

The following is an overview on the NS Provincial Committees, detailed information on committee roles & responsibilities can be found on at Volunteer Positions.

  • The Provincial Camping Adviser and her committee champions camping by offering fun and exciting camping opportunities to members.

Please email our Camping Adviser or visit our  NS Camping Page

  • The Provincial Cookie Adviser works with the Area Cookie Advisers to promote the sale of Cookies and the Cookie All Star program.  

Please email our Cookie Adviser or visit our NS Cookie Page 

  • The Treasurer and her committee advise and act as a resource to the Provincial Treasurer and to support Girl Guides of Canada, NS Council on the best financial management and long term viability.  

Please email for more information to Finance

  • The Provincial International Adviser and her committee champions International in our program and with travel opportunities within Canada and abroad.
Please email our International Adviser or visit our NS International Page

  • The Provincial Membership Adviser and her committee develop and implement strategies to promote and support all activities relating to registration and retention of girl and adult membership.
Please email for more information Membership Adviser

  • The Provincial Program Adviser and her committee supports the Unit Guiders with ideas, activities and opportunities so all members benefit from our vibrant program.

Please email for more information Program Adviser

  • The Provincial PR & Communications Adviser and her committee promote positive external & internal communication via various methods: Coastlines, Social Media, PSA's etc.
Please email for more information PR Adviser

  • The Provincial Safe Guide Adviser and her Assessor Team support the Unit Guiders ensuring camps and activities are planned and executed with the best safety practices for all members.

Please email our Safe Guide Adviser or visit our NS Safe Guide Page 

  • The Provincial Training Adviser and her committee champion adult learning opportunities across the province.

Please email the Training Adviser or visiit our NS Training Page 

  • The Provincial Trefoil Adviser works with the local Trefoil Guilds providing support and guidance for events and activities to help the spirit of guiding alive.
Please email the NS Trefoil Adviser or visit our Trefoil Page 

  • The Risk & Compliance Management Adviser works with Provincial Committees to improve compliance and reduce risks to the members and organization via such tools as Safe Guide, Event Resources and Financial Assessment.

Please email for more information Risk & Compliance Management

  • The Provincial Link Adviser works with Adult Members (19-30 years old) to provide support & communitcation so these members can stay engaged & network within their peer group. 

Please email our Link Liaison 


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