Artwork Approval - Crests and Merchandise

Artwork approval – guidelines for all items
All items representing Girl Guides of Canada (such as crests, patches, labels or clothing) must be approved before they are produced. All items must include the full GGC logo or the Trefoil logo (in instances where space is an issue) as part of the artwork. This creates public awareness and ensures consistency with GGC Brand Standards (requires Member Zone login). Please use this link to submit artwork for approval. 

Merchandise may be produced for a wide range of GGC activities and initiatives, including:
• Camps
• Events (internal and external), for example bridging events, rallies and/or sisterhood events
• Trips (Nationally Sponsored and Independent)
• Unit, Link and Trefoil Guild activities

Production of administrative community crests or other merchandise is not permitted in ON Council (i.e. Community 33 crest). Communities may include their administrative community number in the name of an event and associated artwork for that event (i.e., Community 33 Guider Appreciation Day). Camp property crests or provincial challenges can only be produced by provincial councils.

Large volume orders

  • Community Events:
    • The number of crests will be determined by the total number of participants registered to attend. Large volume orders will not be approved, even if the volume of the order is to obtain a production discount. The maximum allowable overage will be 10% of the total number of individuals registered for the event. For example, if an event has 120 participants, the event planner can budget to order 132 crests (120 with 10% increase). With large orders that exceed the number of event participants, there is a lack of clarity as to how the financials are being tracked and managed and a risk that sales are (inadvertently or purposefully) being turned into fundraising activities. Merchandise should be created only for the current Guiding year. Brand colours, fonts and elements are subject to change.
  • Trips: Nationally Sponsored and Independent:
    • Trips that include a sisterhood event such as a visit to a World Centre or a camp (either international, national or provincial) are able to order group crests to a maximum of 25 per participant. Orders of merchandise items that are being ordered as group identifiers such as a hat or t-shirt should be limited to one or two per participant.

Merchandise Standards Guidelines

The following guidelines must be adhered to by all GGC members and staff. For more information on the Merchandise Standards, please see the guidelines posted on Member Zone.

  • All merchandise must receive the approval via ON Council’s Artwork Approval process
  • Merchandise cannot be produced for fundraising purposes (for further details see Fundraising Procedures and Guidelines on Member Zone in the Admin tab).
  • All merchandise must incorporate the GGC logo – the Trefoil on its own is acceptable where space is limited.
  • All suppliers must work within the GGC colour palette and fonts – matching as close as possible in all instances.
  • All suppliers must work with the approved GGC Trefoil, logo and wordmark files – no alterations can be made; however, it is recognized that there are limitations with small scale and crest production.
  • Inclusion of a camp or event name and date is encouraged; however, this is not mandatory.
  • Merchandise produced for annual/recurring camps held at GGC owned or leased properties must include camp property name and GGC logo.
  • Merchandise must consider the diverse needs of our members – including fit/sizing options of apparel and cost. Apparel should take into consideration whether members will want to wear it after the event date.
  • Merchandise may be produced for international and domestic trips/travel (nationally sponsored or independent).
    • Consideration must be given to the clothing requirements of the trip and family budgets.
    • Apparel must be appropriate for the trip.
  • Use of images and words protected by copyright or trademark are not permitted unless proof of permission is provided; for example, Disney characters and logos may not be used.
  • Crests, pins, and jewelry must adhere to the GGC colour palette.
    • The Trefoil or logo may be produced in gold, silver or bronze on a pin.
    • Only the national office has permission to create jewelry using the Trefoil or logo.

Ontario Council has established a limit for the types of merchandised items that can be produced, which include the following:

  • Crests
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Bags

Crafts using GGC Branding Elements
Members may create craft items that use the GGC logo, Trefoil and tagline as part of a unit activity. This includes activities such as knitting, crocheting, painting and colouring where individual items are not identical to others. These items cannot be sold, or have an associated fee.

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