Ontario Council Trip Incentive and Financial Assistance Program

Ontario Council facilitates a Trip Incentive and Financial Assistance program for girl-focused independent international or interprovincial trips that are over 72 hours. Financial assistance is available to both girl and adult members.

Girl financial support
Girl participants can receive financial assistance based on the cookie sales that they participate in over the duration of the trip’s planning, that are ordered via the independent trip unit. Individual and group sales are eligible. Sales must be tracked and submitted by the trip’s Treasurer via the independent trip budget template. The eligible amounts are as noted:

15-29 cases = $25
30-39 cases = $75
40-79 cases = $125
80+ cases = $250

Please note: this program is offered in addition to the Cookie All Star program.

Adult financial support
Adult participants can receive financial support of up to $250, or 50% of the cost of the trip, whichever is less. Subsidies are granted based on the number of adult members required as per Safe Guide ratio for the trip. Should the ratio of adults to girls exceed Safe Guide ratio, the trip can choose to split the total financial assistance between all adults. 

Application process for financial support
Once the trip has received its IT.3 (international) or SG.3 (interprovincial) approval and has completed selling all ordered cookies, the trip is eligible to apply for financial assistance. The Treasurer for the unit needs to ensure that girl cookie sales are tracked via the independent trip budget template and deposited into the unit account. The Treasurer must email the budget template to trips@guidesontario.org, identifying the name of the trip, and that the trip wishes to apply for financial assistance.

5/10/2021 2:43:17 PM