Frequent questions about Link

What is Link?

Link is an adult Guiding activity for women between the ages of 18-30.

Why should I be a Link member?

Benefits of Link membership

  • Participate in the Link Program
  • Meet, connect and socialize with other young women
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • National and international travel opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities at the local, provincial or national levels
  • Access to training programs
  • Stay connected to Guiding while you transition through school and career choices
  • Develop skills that are highly valued in the workplace, such as communications, event planning, facilitation and more. For more information on the professional benefits of Guiding, see Guiding on Your Resume.

Is there a program for Link members?

Yes, find out more about the Link program
Link members can also participate in the following activities:

  • TEAM trainings and OAL provide many opportunities for professional development.
  • Enrichment days, posted on the Event Calendar, provide good networking opportunities and chance to try new activities.
  • Link members can earn challenge crests by helping a unit earn them, without the full commitment of being a unit Guider.
The Duke of Edinburgh challenge is a great program based on service, skill development, physical recreation and adventurous journey

How do I join a Link unit

Link members join local Link units. Link units are groups of young women within a specific geographic area that get together to complete the Link program. Together, they decide on their goals for the program, the amount of time they want to commit and which themes and activities they’ll participate in. Link units are self-directed and participation is voluntary.
To join Link, email your name, iMIS ID and the Link unit you want to join to or start your own unit by including the name of the new unit and the names and iMIS IDs of the members joining the unit.

How do I find a Link unit near me?

Link members looking to connect with other Link members can join the Ontario Link Facebook page or email for assistance.

As a Unit Guider can I also be a Link member?

Answer: Yes! Link members can have other roles in Guiding, such as being a Unit Guider. Link members could also be Resource Guiders, Community Guiders, Trainers, Safe Guide Assessors, Administrative Community Leaders (ACLs) etc.
Link can be a valuable networking experience that can help Unit Guiders deliver great programming, by learning from other Guiders and feeling supported.

I’m a Ranger, how do I join Link?

  1. If you are a current Ranger who has completed the Ranger program but are not yet 18 years old, you have the option to become a Transitioning member (TMBR) to maintain your membership in GGC. You could help in a unit by becoming a Girl Assistant, or you could become a Girl-Member-at-Large. Note: To become a Girl Assistant, you must complete the A.5P. In this case, there is no girl registration fee paid. Contact membersupport.admin@guidesontario.orgmore information.
  2. If you are a Ranger who has already turned the age of 18, submit your Adult Membership Application online to start the process of becoming an adult member.

Can I email other Link members using emails from the roster?

Yes, Link members can use the contact information provided on the roster, accessible through Member Zone to connect with other Link members in their unit.
Helpful tip: Download the roster in .csv (comma separated values), which can be opened by any spreadsheet software, such as Excel. This makes it possible to use the data sort and filter features.

When did Link start?

Link was first established in 1966 and was called Trefoil until 1977. Link was established prior to Pathfinders (1979) and Sparks (1989).

Does Link have a colour?

No, Link may have been associated with a particular colour for a specific event, or within a specific region, but there is no colour officially associated with the branch.

Does Link have a special uniform?

No, Link does not have any special uniform pieces outside of the adult member uniform; however there is a Link pin. The Link pin is available for purchase through the Girl Guide Store.

Do Link members pay for their uniform?

Yes, Link members are responsible for the cost of their own uniform pieces.

Do I still get membership pins (representing years of membership) if I’m a Link member?

Yes, all adult members, including Link members, will receive their milestone membership year pins from the provincial office. Milestone pins are issued every five years and are sent out each November.

Is there a Link newsletter?

The national Link newsletter is called Link Connections. It is published twice a year. Past issues are available online

Can I write an article for the newsletter?

Yes, the Link advisers would love that! Contributions to the newsletter (national or provincial) should be sent to the Provincial Link Adviser at

Who plans Link events?

Any Link member can plan an event.

I want to plan an event, how do I invite other Link members?

Your event should be posted on the Events Calendar. Staff support for your event is provided and they will work with you on advertising your event.

How to post your event onto the Events Calendar

How can Link participate in cookie selling?

Link units may sell cookies but adult members are not eligible for Cookie All-Stars or the Ontario Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive.  Members are not permitted to fundraise for adult-only events thus the local portion of the cookie sales profits is to benefit girl members or girl units in some way.

Link members can sell cookies with an established girl unit and the proceeds go to that unit

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