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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Why is GGCON offering Outdoor Experience programs?

Outdoor programs continue to be integral to the girls’ experience in Guiding. This program was introduced to provide options for all levels of Guider comfort and experience supporting the girls in the outdoors. The aim is to remove geographic barriers and provide as much equity as possible so girls are supported during these experiences. By providing pre-planned activities, some of the administrative responsibilities that often fall to the Unit Guider have been eliminated. GGCON provides completed SG.1, SG.2 and SG.5 (if required) forms, making it easier for Guiders to plan their outdoor experiences.

Are there Outdoor Experiences available to everyone across Ontario and Nunavut?

Any registered girl or youth member is eligible to participate in an Outdoor Experience as long as they fit within the set age range. Current opportunities are listed on the Outdoor Experience Programs for Units  page and the Outward Bound Experiences page. We are continually working to grow the program. If you cannot attend the available opportunities, you can submit suggestions for partner facilities by using the Facility Recommendation form.

How are the rates determined?

For weekend Experiences, Ontario Council set a standard fee regardless of the cost per person at the facility and is subsidizing the difference. Eligible girl members may receive further financial assistance from GGCON. For day Experiences, the costs are determined in conjunction with the facility.

How does the transportation subsidy work?

A transportation subsidy may be available to units that require financial assistance to get their girls to an Outdoor Experience. Examples of appropriate use of subsidy include hiring a bus to take the unit to camp or reimbursement for mileage. Units may apply for a transportation subsidy while registering.The Primary Registrant will be notified if the unit has been approved for subsidy. Subsidy will be credited directly to the unit’s bank account after the balance payment deadline. If a unit requests subsidy and is not approved, they will have the option of withdrawing from the Outdoor Experience within five business days without penalty. Requests for subsidy are not guaranteed.

Is our personal information protected?

We protect and respect your privacy. Your personal information will be used only within our organization for the purpose of this program. We do not provide or sell this information outside our organization. For further information, see the Girl Guides of Canada Privacy Statement.
ePLY, the registration software for these activities states, “we will not release any collected information to any party other than the Client except if (a) authorized by the Client, (b) as part of the payment collection process, or (c) if required by law”.  Read their full privacy policy

What if I have suggestions for future partnerships?

Please submit your suggestions using the Facility Recommendation form.

Things to know before you register

Are meals included?

For weekend Experiences, meals will be provided, however the number of meals will vary by Experience. Refer to the Outdoor Experience program registration form for complete details.
For day Experiences, participants must bring their own food. For more information about what kinds of food is allowed at each facility, refer to the Outdoor Experience program registration form.

Can you accommodate an allergy or dietary concern?

Accommodations for allergy and dietary needs vary by facility. Please refer to the Experience registration form found on the Outdoor Experience Programs for Units page for information about the facility. If you have any questions, please contact and we will contact the facility on your behalf.

All allergy and dietary needs must be identified on the registration form and provided at least two weeks prior to the Experience start date.

If a facility cannot accommodate the needs of an individual, we will discuss the option of the individual bringing their own food supplements for the menu, at their own expense .

An individual needs additional support to accommodate special needs. Can you accommodate her?

In fulfilling its Mission, Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada endeavours to respect the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. GGC is committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access its services as others, and to allowing people with and without disabilities to benefit from the same services in the same places and in similar ways. Please contact to find the Outdoor Experience that is best suited for your needs. It is at the discretion of the facility to determine if and how they can provide the accommodation.

What pre-arrival information will we receive?

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with information about your Experience including:
  • Arrival and departure information
  • Payment details
  • GGC and third-party paperwork – forms that need to be completed prior to the Outdoor Experience with information including deadlines and submission instructions

Up to four weeks prior to the Experience start date, you will be provided with the Pre-Arrival Handbook with additional information including (but not limited to):

  • A general packing list. We ask that you use your judgment and adjust the suggestions based on the time of year, weather etc.
  • Menu
  • Rooming list
  • Activity list and schedule

What paperwork is required?

Once your completed registration is confirmed and the deposit payment is successfully processed, you will need to ensure the participants in your unit complete the following paperwork and bring it to the Experience or submit it in advance (submission instruction will be provided in confirmation emails):
  • GGC Paperwork:
  • Third Party Paperwork (if required):
    • Some facilities will have their own paperwork which participants must complete prior to the Experience. The requirements for this paperwork can be found in your Experience confirmation email.
For Outward Bound participants, parents/guardians are responsible for bringing all completed GGC forms to the Experience. Outward Bound forms must be submitted online through the Outward Bound portal (instruction provided in the registration confirmation email).

Is the Outdoor Experiences crest included in the registration fee?

No, but the crest is available for purchase by units through the online ordering system.

Do we need to bring money?

There will be no need for additional money onsite. Unit Guiders will determine if there is any need for money en route to the facility.

Life at camp

What are the expectations of participation?

See Participant Responsibilities on the Terms and Conditions page. All participants are expected to represent Girl Guides of Canada in a positive way, following the Code of Conduct and demonstrating the values of our Mission Vision Promise and Law.

What are the supervision ratios?

Our girl-to-adult Safe Guide ratios are as follows:

    Sparks and Brownies = 1:5
    Guides and Pathfinders = 1:7
    Rangers = 1:15
In accordance with Safe Guide 2018, Spark, Brownie and Guide units must have a minimum of two adult participants to meet ratio. To register for an Outdoor Experience program, units are required to meet Safe Guide ratios. Guiders within the Safe Guide ratio attend free of charge.

For full details, refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

Will our unit stay together as a unit throughout the Experience?

Generally, Guiders will be expected to share the accommodations with girl participants and act in a supervisory manner while there. Whether or not Guiders share rooms with girls is dependent on the facility and specific building arrangements. For details, refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

How do we incorporate Girl Guide programming and badges into Outdoor Experiences?

The Pre-Arrival Handbook will provide cross-references of the Experience activities with GGC’s Girls First program requirements.

Who do we contact if there are any problems on site?

If your concern is related to the facility, accommodation, food, program or staff, please contact the facility lead directly. If there is an incident in accordance with Safe Guide, contact the Responsible Guider for the Experience.

What if a participant has to go home during camp due to reasons including illness, behaviour etc.?

The Unit Guider shall consult with the Responsible Guider to define the best way to manage this situation. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page for information regarding illness and refunds.

What is the policy on electronics at Outdoor Experiences facilities?

Will there be males at camp?

After the Experience

What if I left something at the Outdoor Experience?

First, contact your Unit Guider. If they cannot retrieve or locate the item, contact the facility directly. Retrieval will be at your own expense.

Who do we contact with feedback?

In order to provide feedback, the Primary Registrant will be sent an online survey following the Outdoor Experience.
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