Awards and Recognition

Awards for Girls

Girls receive program badges when they accomplish a new skill, learn information or perform service to others. Each branch of the girl program has different badges that are awarded. Girls also receive program-based certificates of achievement from their guiders or as part of an award ceremony. There are Enrollment, Advancement, Program Completion and Awards ceremonies for girls. These are often locally based and held as a unit or in conjunction with other units. Some awards are also presented to girls at provincial recognition ceremonies.

February 4, 2021 update - The mailing of all award packages will be delayed and a digital certificate will be presented to the award recipient by the nominator in the interim. Local recognition ceremonies will not be held.

Girl Awards by branch

Youth Commitment Award

All Youth Commitment Awards for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 are being mailed directly to recipients, and Contact Guiders will be notified for all Active Youth Members that are receiving this award. All Youth Members, whether they are still active members of GGC or not, will receive this award in the mail if they completed all the requirements.

The Youth Commitment Award is presented to third-year Rangers who have been a member in all branches from Sparks through to Rangers in recognition and celebration of their long-term commitment to Guiding. To qualify members must have

  • one or two years of Sparks
  • two years of Brownies
  • three years of Guides
  • three years of Pathfinders
  • three years of Rangers

The list of Rangers eligible for the Youth Commitment Award will be generated from the iMIS records. Certificates are sent automatically in the Spring to the Ranger Contact Guider, for presentation to all eligible members. No application is necessary.

Outstanding Youth Award

This application is to be filled out by an adult member of Guiding (cannot be a relative of the member).

Two supporting nomination letters are required and the completed application.
  • One is to be from a peer
  • One is to be a non-member of Guiding in her community (i.e. teacher, clergy, other organization).
  • Award nomination application (this application is required to be uploaded as the third supporting letter in Fluid Review).
  • Application process
The Outstanding Youth Award recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of Rangers and Pathfinders who exemplify their dedication to Guiding and their community.

The Outstanding Youth Award is presented based on the following criteria:
  • The nominee is a registered member of Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council, at the Ranger or Pathfinder level
  • Displays exceptional leadership qualities within Guiding and in her community at large; enthusiastically brings her personal talents and skills to Guiding
  • Has demonstrated qualities of dedicated service to Guiding and her community
  • Lives by the ideals of the Guiding Promise and Law; is a positive role model with and out of Guiding; actively promotes Guiding and its benefits
  • Is well respected by her peers, Guiders and other members of the community
  • Has contributed significantly and has had a positive impact to her unit and community

Letter of Commendation

A Letter of Commendation may be given to a girl or adult member in recognition of service to Girl Guides of Canada by any other member and may be given more than once to the same person. Application process

Gold Thanks Pin

The Gold Thanks pin may be given to a girl or adult member for exceptional service to Guiding and may be given more than once to the same person. Application process

Team Award

The Team Award may be given to each member who has been part of a team that planned and carried to completion an extraordinary event or project. The award is primarily intended as an adult award, but there are times when girls have been part of a team and can be granted the award. A member may receive the Team Award more than once. Application process

Girl Greatness Award

*Please Note*: The Girl Greatness Award is not being processed or awarded at this time.

Girls in Guiding do amazing things every day. They leap into action, overcome obstacles, come up with brilliant ideas, and pretty much add a little bit of awesomeness to the world around them. Now it's time to be recognized!

Girl Guides of Canada's Girl Greatness Awards are all about applauding girl members who accomplish great things in their lives and in their communities. The awards recognize one girl per branch who has excelled in one of the following award categories:

  • Confidence
  • Resourcefulness
  • Courage
  • Making a Difference
Girl Greatness Award Information (English | French)
Activities for Guiders – Girl Greatness Award Meeting Guide (English | French)

Change Maker Award

*Please Note*: The Change Maker Award is not being processed or awarded at this time.

Visit the Change Maker Award page on our National website.


Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council recognizes the importance of continuing education. That’s why we offer scholarship programs to encourage further education of our active members. Use the links below to learn more about these programs, including eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Learn more and apply for scholarships:

You can also learn about National Girl Guides of Canada Scholarships
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