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1st Ontario Lone Ranger Unit: Junior Leaders 16+

Girls aged 16 or older in Ontario and Nunavut who are not registered as a Ranger or Trex but want to volunteer as a Junior Leader can now have their membership fee covered by Ontario Council.

Interested? To register for this opportunity please email info@girlguides.ca


Q: I am a Ranger and a Junior Leader. Will my membership fee be covered by this incentive?

A: No. As a member of a Ranger or Trex unit, you are required to pay membership fees to cover the costs of participating in these programs. Please see our Cost of Guiding webpage for more information on membership subsidies and other financial assistance programs.

Q: I am 15, turning 16 later this year or during the next Guiding year. Do I qualify to have my membership fee covered?

A: No. Girls must be 16 at the time they sign up for this incentive in order to have their membership fee covered. This is consistent with our Safe Guide Guidelines which states girl members age 16 years and older are part of the required supervision ratio for green level activities.

Girls under the age of 16 who want to be a Junior Leader only must pay their membership fee for the full Guiding year.

Q: Does this incentive apply to Pathfinder-aged girls who want to be a Junior Leader only?

A: No. This incentive applies to girls that are only a Junior Leader and are 16 years or older when they register.

Q: Do I have to be an existing member of Girl Guides of Canada to qualify for this incentive?

A: Both new and returning members ages 16 and over qualify for this incentive.

Q: If I am a Junior Leader only, will I be eligible for Ranger awards such as the Trailblazer Award?

A: This incentive is offered to youth who are interested in unit leadership and are not participating in the Ranger Program. Your activities while a Junior Leader only do not count towards any Ranger awards.

Q: I started the year as a Junior Leader only, but I now want to join a Ranger or Trex unit. What do I do?

A: We’re excited you’ve decided to join a unit and enjoy the benefits of being a Ranger or Trex member. Please email info@girlguides.ca  to organize payment of your membership fee.

Q: I live outside of Ontario and am only a Junior Leader. Will my membership fee be covered by this incentive?

A: No. This incentive is currently only offered in Ontario.

Q: I want to be a Junior Leader only, can I apply for an international trip?

A: If you are a Junior Leader only and you want to participate in an international trip, you are welcome to apply to international trips offered by National or Province or apply to a trip unit.

Q: What units can I join as a Junior Leader?

A: Our guidelines allow Rangers to be a Junior Leader in a Spark, Ember or Guide. If you’re looking for a unit to volunteer with, visit the Find a Group [Unit] on our website and reach out to info@girlguides.ca to get connected with a unit that meets in your area.

Q: Does my volunteer time count toward the Ontario Ministry of Education Community Service requirements?

A: Participating as a Junior Leader counts towards the Education Community Service requirements in most jurisdictions. However, as eligible activities are defined by each school board, we recommend you check your board guidelines or with your guidance counsellor to be sure.

Q: Can I stop helping in the unit after I complete my 40 hours of community service requirement?

A: We encourage Junior Leaders to participate for the full Guiding year as you will be considered part of the leadership team for the unit.

Q: What do Junior Leaders do?

A: As a Junior Leader, you will strengthen your leadership skills by:

  • Helping younger girls work together
  • Planning and leading fun, exciting programming
  • Adapting activities to meet the need of girls in your unit while balancing different personalities and interests


There are great tools available to help you. For more information see our National website: Junior Leader

Q: My question hasn’t been answered – who can I contact?

A: Please email info@girlguides.ca

9/27/2023 4:39:27 AM