Song List

Sparks: Sing one song from each category
Brownies: Sing eight songs, at least one from each category
Guides: Sing twelve songs, at least two from each category
Pathfinders: Sing fifteen songs, at least two from each category
Rangers/Trex: Sing fifteen songs, at least two from each category and one of the following:
  1. Teach some of these songs to a Spark, Brownie, Guide or Pathfinder unit as a bridging activity.
  2. Lead a campfire for a gathering of units using some of these songs.
  3. Do a community service activity using these songs (such as singing at a Seniors Retirement home, community living centre, etc)
The categories are:
Fire starters
Warming up
Leaping flames
Marshmallow time
Glowing embers

Round one
Fire starters
For getting started.

Round two
Warming up

Feeling a little more comfortable singing.

Round three
Leaping flames

Feeling great and ready to let loose!

Round four
Marshmallow time

Everyone wants to keep singing, but not be so silly.

Round five
Glowing embers

The campfire is ending and everyone is relaxing.

Great resources for song lyrics and sound clips can be found:
Becky's (Dragon's) Guiding Resource Centre - Lyrics
Guiding with Jewels - Lyrics
TuneGuide - Sound clips
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