Our History - 1990-2009

In 1992, Roberta Bondar made history when she became Canada’s first female astronaut and first neurologist in space. She had been a Brownie and Guide as a young girl growing up in Sault Ste. Marie. On her flight, Roberta took Girl Guide cookies and juggled them as she floated in space.

For many years, girls sold the traditional vanilla and chocolate Girl Guide cookies in the Spring. In 1993, Ontario Council launched a second cookie, Chocolatey Mint, to be sold in the Fall. This initiative was a huge success and the next year other provinces adopted it as well.

In June 2007, Ontario Guiding went through one of the biggest administrative changes to date, Transformation. Prior to 2007, membership throughout the Province had been organized by Areas, Divisions, and Districts. Each unit belonged to a District that was in a specific Division, within an Area. However, in 2007 these groupings were eliminated and replaced by Communities of Guiding. During this process, Nunavut joined with Ontario and became part of Ontario Council. Units within Ontario and Nunavut are now within a specific Community. 

Roberta Bondar at an Ontario Council
Provincial Annual meeting, 1995.

Ontario Nunavut Challenge crest.

Rankin Inlet, Nunavut crest.

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