Tiered Cookie Selling Sales Incentive Program

Beginning in Spring 2017, Ontario Council will introduce important changes in the way we allocate the unit portion of cookie sales, to all Guiding units in Ontario and Nunavut. Below, you'll find a brief summary of what's changing, when and how it may affect your unit. For a more detailed explanation of the program, including answers to many questions you might have and who to contact for more information, please read our Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive program FAQ.

What Is Changing?

Currently, Guiding units in Ontario and Nunavut receive $12.25 for every case of cookies sold. Starting in Spring 2017, the unit portion for each case will no longer be "fixed" at $12.25. Instead, the unit portion for each unit will be based on your unit’s average “case-per-girl" rate, as measured on the invoice date for the cookie campaign. This will introduce the chance to raise extra money from the sale of cookies, to fund your unit activities. Trip units will also earn a higher allocation amount from cookie sales, to help them in their fundraising. For more details about the new payment tiers and unit allocation amounts, please read our Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive program FAQ.

If you are wondering how you can calculate your unit’s average case-per-girl-rate, we have created the new “Tiered Program Calculator” to help you determine what your average case per girl rate will be based on the number of cases ordered and number of girls registered in your unit (Girl Assistants, Guiders and Unit Assistants will not be included in your girl registration amount).

The National and Provincial case amounts for cookies will not change as part of this program. The cookie selling price will remain the same.

Why Are We Making This Change?

This program was created so that we can support units in raising additional funds for unit activities through the sale of cookies, reducing their need to rely on other types of fundraisers. Units can now be rewarded with a higher allocation amount from each cookie case, when they achieve a higher case-per-girl level during the cookie campaign. Trip units will also earn more money per case for all cookie sales, under this new program. Cookies sales are a highly effective way to raise money for unit activities, as compared to many other types of fundraisers -  please see our fundraising comparisons tip sheet for more details.

Why Is This Being Announced Now?

While this change won’t happen until the Spring 2017 cookie campaign, we are telling units now so that as you begin to plan your Guiding year activities and expenses, you can keep in mind that the unit allocation portion may change depending on your average case-per-girl level.

How Will We Send Future Communications About the Program?

All future communications about the Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive program will be delivered in the Tuesday Guide ON eNews, so please watch your email box! You can also consult our Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive program FAQ at any time, for answers to frequently asked questions about the program and how it works.

4/17/2021 6:27:12 AM