Family camping programs

Your whole family is invited! Let us take care of the programming, cooking and cleaning so you can enjoy activities with your children.

Family Camp is a great bonding experience for grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents and children. Our child-centered family camp programs have been running for over 30 years and many campers choose to return year after year with their entire extended families. Your days can be as structured or as unstructured as you wish. Family Camp combines the freedom of a cottage or resort holiday with professionally delivered camp activities.

Family Camping Programs:

Mom and Me weekends in the summer are extremely popular, especially for younger campers who want to try sleeping over at camp for the first time.

February Family Camp at Ma-Kee-Wa (SOLD OUT)

August Family Camp at Doe Lake Girl Guide Camp

Things to know about family camping programs

Rates quoted are for current Girl Guides girl members. Learn more about non-member rates.

Transportation is not provided.


Winter campingFebruary Family Camp at Ma-Kee-Wa 

Winter is a great opportunity to play outside! Try snowshoes or kick sleds, go hiking, learn about winter ecology, learn to build a quinzhee or snow shelter, play broomball, light fires and so much more. Everything is covered in snow, offering you and your family a new way to explore the natural world. Stay warm and have fun cooking and spending time around the fire.

It's fun to be inside too! Indoor activities may include games, challenges and crafts. Activities are led by staff who are passionate and experienced and enjoy the great outdoors with you. Sleep in a heated building in a room with bunk beds and enjoy delicious meals prepared for your family by our staff team.

Where: Camp Ma-Kee-Wa (near Orangeville)
Dates: 10 a.m. Saturday, February 15th, 2020 – 11:30 a.m. Monday, February 17th, 2020
Cost: $525+HST (for up to four people)*

Winter Family Camp Handbook

*By paying this fee, your family is renting indoor accommodation. You will be provided with a room (with bunk beds) which can accommodate up to four people. The fee covers registration for four people and remains the same even if less than four people attend with your group. All activities and meals are included (Saturday lunch, dinner and snacks, Sunday breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and Monday breakfast). Transportation is not provided.


family camp at Doe LakeAugust Family Camp at Doe Lake - applications open December 2nd, 2019

Apply Now

Girl Guides Ontario Camping indoor accommodations= indoor accommodations

Girl Guides Ontario camping outdoor accommodations= tent accommodations

Where: Doe Lake Girl Guide Camp (near Huntsville)

  • Sunday, August 2nd – Wednesday, August 5th  SOLD OUT - Wait list only
  • Wednesday, August 5th – Saturday, August 8th INDOOR SOLD OUT - Tent limited space available
 Girl Guides Ontario Camping indoor accommodations  $625+HST (up to four people)*

Girl Guides Ontario camping outdoor accommodations  $535+HST (for four people, tent is provided)**

Additional family members are $105+HST

*Girl Guides Ontario Camping indoor accommodations  $625+HST. By paying this fee, your family is renting a room which can accommodate up to four people. The fee covers registration for four people and remains the same even if less than four people attend with your group.

In some cases, we may be able to accommodate a larger group (up to six people) indoors, but spaces for larger groups are limited. Families will be expected to pay $105+HST for each additional camper beyond four people.

**Girl Guides Ontario camping outdoor accommodations   $535+HST. By paying this fee, your family is renting a nylon four-person tent. The fee remains the same even if less than four people attend with your group.

In some cases, we may be able to accommodate a larger group (up to six people) in tents, but spaces for larger groups are limited. Families will be expected to pay $105+HST for each additional camper beyond four people should additional attendee be approved.

Transportation is NOT provided.

Things to know about family camping programs:


  • Men and boys are welcome at our family camping programs.
  • We are a child-centered program so one member of the group must be under 18 years of age.
  • Please note that for indoor accommodations of six people, the ratio of one adult per three children must still be met.
  • We provide well-balanced family-style meals and snacks each day. We can accommodate some specialized diet requests. Please review our specialty diet accommodations.
  • Non-member families can attend these provincial camping events. Rates quoted are for current Girl Guides girl members. Learn more about non-member rates.

Important application notes for families registering for family camping programs:

When completing an application, be sure to complete individual applications for each person in your group who will be attending as a camper. We need to know about every person that will be at camp, including parents/guardians!

One applicant is considered the “main” applicant in your family (normally the girl member or daughter). The other applicants are considered “additional” applicants.

All applicants for family camping programs should enter the name of the other members of their group in the Bunk Request box which is available on the application. If you do not submit an application for each participant (adults too), we will not be prepared to accept them at camp.

Activity Equipment

Thinking of bringing your skis? Cross country skis and snowshoes are welcome at camp and can be used during free time. Please check in with staff about where is best to use them on the property.

Cell phones and computers

Cell phone reception can be extremely limited at camp and sometimes may not be available at all. It is inconsistent and all depends on the surrounding environment and weather conditions. Camp staff will be able to tell you where to get the best cell reception. Doe Lake has a pay phone for you to use to make outgoing calls. If there is a pressing need to make a call, please contact camp staff for assistance. We are unable to offer access to a computer and/or the internet at camp.

Driving directions and vehicles

Adult and child participants at camp are expected to walk to activities unless there are health-related situations and the camp director has approved a special arrangement. After moving in, vehicles are to remain parked in the designated parking area. Vehicles can be moved closer to the accommodations when you’re moving out.

First day of camp

During February Family Day weekend, we'll be ready to host your family at 10:00 a.m. Camp programming starts at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Early arrivals cannot be accommodated. Once at camp, staff members will help participants find their assigned sleeping space. There will be a general meeting on your arrival day to meet the staff and review the schedule.

Programming selection and sign-up will take place before the first meal each day. This allows families to tailor the schedule to weather, moods and the energy of the participants. If there are limited spaces available for sessions they will be offered more than once. If you still do not get the chance to participate in an activity you really were looking forward to, you can talk to the staff and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Last day of camp

Family Camp ends at 11:30 a.m. We ask that you exit your building or tent site two hours before departure (9:30 a.m.) so the area can be cleaned. You are welcome to stay onsite for one hour after programming ends but there will not be any meals, snacks, activities or staff available. During the summer our staff team will be busy getting ready for future programs and taking some downtime between groups. Participating in activities without supervision is not an option (e.g., tobogganing).

Please sign out at the parking lot before leaving.


Sorry, but no pets at camp! If a registered and trained service animal (e.g., service dog) is required to accompany a participant then please let us know so we can make arrangements. You will need to provide documentation and some training for our staff team.

Packing guidelines

Packing guidelins will be sent to you and posted on our website closer to the date of the event.


Staff facilitators set the schedule, provide instruction and supervision as well as assist with transitional times. However, adults are responsible for the children that they brought with them at all times.

Some of our programs require the adult to be present at the activity with the children. In these instances, the adult and child are both considered active participants. It is expected that the adult will be present and involved in the programming along with the child. Other programs will be for children only and will take place on-site under the supervision of our camp staff. At least one adult must remain at camp while their child is in child-only programming. While children’s programs are scheduled, we will also offer some adult programming.

If all adults in a family want to leave camp at the same time, they have to take their children with them.

During non-programming time, adults are responsible for the supervision of their children, including mealtimes, bedtimes, medications, free time and overnight.

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