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Parent Engagement



What do Girl Guides do?

Girl Guides of all ages explore a wide range of activities and discover new interests, from the arts to sciences to cultural awareness and much more! They earn badges by completing age-appropriate activities on themes such as environmental awareness, camp skills, body image and self esteem, personal finances, and healthy living. You may find them learning about bike safety, discussing healthy friendship, planning a tree planting project or leading activities for younger members.

Through fun activities and dynamic discussions, our goal is to increase girls' awareness about the wider world, promote cross-cultural understanding and educate girls on global issues that will inspire them to take action.

How old do you have to be to become a member of Girl Guides?

We offer programming to girls and women ages 5 and up. Age groups are divided into branches:

      Sparks: ages 5-6
      Brownies: ages 7-8
      Guides: ages 9-11
      Pathfinders: ages 12-14
      Rangers: ages 15-17+
      Adults: 18+

How does Girl Guides work?

Girls meet in their units, usually weekly, beginning in late August or early September and ending in late May or early June. They are grouped into districts that represent geographical areas and are led by a District Commissioner. Québec Council is made up of 17 districts.

Each district and unit is managed by Guider volunteers who oversee the activities, deliver programming, plan events and perform various administrative tasks as required. They are supported by the Québec Council where other volunteers offer their time and expertise to promote the development of programs across the province.

Members of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) also belong to WAGGGS - the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts - with over 10 million girls and women from 136 countries.

Why girls only?

We believe that girls needs and interests are best served by a program designed specifically for girls, facilitated by women. Surrounded by positive female role models, girls are given the opportunity to experience leadership positions from a young age. Girl Guides is a safe and inclusive space where girls can be comfortable just being themselves without the pressures society has traditionally placed on them to look to males for decision-making.

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Is there a unit in our neighbourhood?

Use the Unit Finder to find a unit near you. You can search by city or postal code.

My daughter won't be turning 5 until November. Can she still join this September?

A particular situation such as this is always looked into on a case by case basis. It's best to check in with the Unit Guiders or by calling the provincial office prior to registration.

Can by daughter join part way through the year?

Absolutely! Girls can register and join at any time of the year.

What costs are involved?

The yearly membership fee of $140 covers the cost of the national membership fee and supports costs at the provincial level related to program resources, insurance and risk management, province-wide events and opportunities as well as training for adult volunteers. Weekly dues (approximately $1-$2) are also used to support unit-specific activities and programs. There is usually an extra charge for special outings and camps.

How do we register?

Register online
- it's fast, easy and convenient!

I don't have a credit card. How do I register?
Contact us by email or at 1-800-565-8111 to register by paper. You can also register online using PayPal

How can I request a refund on my daughter's registration?
A full refund less a $20 administrative fee will be issued if the parent/guardian notifies the local Guiding office of the cancellation/withdrawal prior to the start of the fifth scheduled unit meeting. Read the full refund guidelines here. To request a refund, contact us by email with your daughter's name and iMIS number.

Can I register by phone?

No, registration by phone is not an option, however, you can register quickly and efficiently online.

There are no Girl Guide units in our area. Can my daughter still become a member?
Yes. The Lones program is an option for girls who are unable to attend regular meetings due to distance, health, studies, or physical challenge. As a Lone, girls can stay connected and work long distance with a Guider. Contact us for more information.



Will my daughter have to sell cookies?

There are two cookie campaigns per year - spring and fall. Girls are expected to sell two cases per campaign. Some units give girls all their cookies to sell on their own while other units may organize group sales.

How does cookie selling benefit girls?
Cookie selling provies opportunities for girls to practice and develop life skills such as teamwork, planning and goal setting, courtesy, responsibility, money management and problem solving.

Where does the money from cookie sales go?
Girl Guide cookies are the official fundraiser for Girl Guides across Canada. The money raised funds innovative and dynamic programs for girls. It allows girls to discover new interests and assists girls and leaders with attending camps and events. Out of every $60 case (containing 12 boxes), the money is distributed as follows:

      - National organization - $4.00 - for new programming, girl events, international travel, special initiatives
      - Province of Québec - $21.20 - for girl events, Camp Wa-Thik-Ane, national and international travel for patrols, assistance for membership fees and camps
      - Units - $11.55 - to support unit activities

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Where can we buy a uniform?
Uniforms are available for purchase online at You will be asked to create an account specifically for the online store. It is not linked to the Family Account used for online registration.

You may wish to check in with your daughter's Unit Guiders to see if you might take part in a group order to save shipping costs or if there are any second hand uniforms available for purchase.

Why do members wear uniforms?
Guiding is a uniformed organization that provides a variety of uniform options. Uniforms identify girls and women as members of our organization and all that it stands for. Uniforms give a sense of pride and belonging and act as an equalizer. (From

Parent Engagement

Will I be expected to volunteer my time as a parent?

Supporting Guiding makes a difference in the lives of girls and as you play an essential role in your daughter's personal growth, you can help maximize her Guiding experience. As a parent-volunteer, you can choose how little or how much time and energy to give to contribute to the vitality of the unit. We encourage participation from moms, dads, other family members and guardians.

Accompany the unit on a field trip (extra adults are always needed for trips and special events); be a guest speaker to present a topic or teach a new skill; help girls to earn recognition through badges... These are just a few examples of how you can participate in your daughter's Guiding experience. If you're interested in taking part as a parent-volunteer, speak with the Unit Guiders to see what type of help they might need, or you can fill out a Unit Support Request Form

Adults who assist regularly, who attend overnight camp or who assist with handling money, must register with Guiding as a non-member. There is a brief registration form and a police record check must be completed.

How do you inform parents of what's happening in their daughter's unit? 

Guiders and districts regularly update parents of activities, events and news of their daughter's unit by email. The provincial office sends emails with information on provincial events and registration, as well as bi-annual newsletters to parents and families. You can read our family newsletters here:

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