Québec Provincial Advisers

Looking for inspiration and guidance on planning an amazing camp? Dream of taking your girls to one of our World Centres but don’t know where to start? High hopes of shaking up this year’s cookie campaign? Going rock climbing and want to make sure it is as safe as it is fun and exciting? You are not alone!

Our Guiders work hard to provide creative and stimulating programming to our girls – but to do that also requires a network of expertise to draw from. Québec Guiders have access to a network of advisers to provide them with information, inspiration and support on a variety of Guiding topics. This network is comprised of volunteer Members from across the province bringing years of expertise and diverse experiences, to ensure great Guiding experiences for all Québec girls!

Adviser Contact See them for assistance with:



Girl-driven programming ideas
Specific programming challenges



Camping and Outdoor Experiences
Support District Camping Advisers



Spring & Fall Cookie Campaigns
Cookie Sales
Ideas & Cookie Fun!

Public Relations


Press Releases and Media Contacts
Style Guide and Branding
Guest Blogging and other social media
Promotional Materials

International & Travel


National/International Events & Challenges
Travel Opportunities and Trip Planning



Training on a broad variety of Guiding subjects, including programming for girls
Guider Development Workshops

Safe Guide


Safe Guide Training & Compliance
Support for Assessors

Membership qc-membership@guidescanada.ca

Recruiting and Retention
Building community relationships
French engagement Strategies
Recognition and Awards
Liaison between Trefoil and Link units

Members interested in learning more about the volunteer positions available provincially, please see our list of postings.

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