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Québec Maple Syrup Challenge
$2 (+ tax)  


Québec C'est la fête!
$0.75 (+ tax)


Québec Tech & Nature
$0.75 (+ tax)  


Québec Provincial Crest
$1.50 (+ tax)

Cookie Ribbons

Free (As Earned)
Order Form

Chocolate Challenge
$1.75 (+ tax)

Bring a Friend Owls
$2.00 (+ tax) - Centre
$1.60 (+ tax) - Companion Owls
Free with new registered friend
Order Form (Earned)

For the following items, please contact the provincial office at or 514-933-5839 to place an order. In most cases, there are no order forms. These prices include tax but not shipping.


 Measuring spoons
Camp Wa-Thik-Ane Scarf
$10 each
Limited quantities

GGC Québec socks
$5/pair (One French, one English) 
Cell phone wallet stand
$2 each


GGC QC Youth Scarf
$10 each
For Pathfinders, Rangers and Link members

Battery operated glow-stick
$3 each

Red Guides Québec Buff
$10 each

3 Styles of Window Clings
(Paddle, Cookies, Guider)
$2 each
Limited supply - for Québec Guiders only

Flashlight with clip
$4 each


Wa-Thik-Ane Dish Bag
$6 each

Mini First Aid Kit
$4 each

Guides Québec Camp Mug
$12 each
Lanyard with clip
$3 each

Guides Québec Bamboo Travel Mug

$8 each 
3/7/2021 6:54:45 AM