Public Relations

Québec Provincial PR Adviser

The Québec Provincial PR Adviser oversees media relations and campaigns, marketing and promotions, as well as social media and external communications for the province of Québec. She works with the oversight of the Provincial Member Services Coordinator and in close collaboration with the Provincial Office Communications staff. The Québec Provincial PR Adviser provides tools and resources to communities through local District PR contacts to help ensure strong and growing membership in Québec.

PR Tools and Resources

A collection of online and printable PR Tools and Resources can be found here. Contact the provincial office ( for physical items.

District PR Cheerleaders

Essential as a part of a growing and flourishing district,  PR liaisons are the champions of Guiding in their local communities. In collaboration with the Provincial PR Adviser, they identify opportunities to promote Guiding, support provincial campaigns, and share stories of great Guiding experiences in their district with their community. 
Do you have a passion for:

  • Connecting with key people in your community
  • Public Speaking
  • Media Relations/Journalism
  • Writing fascinating articles
  • Taking breathtaking pictures and videos
  • Promoting Girl Greatness in Québec

Interested in becoming a District PR Cheerleader? Contact your District Commissioner or the Québec Provincial PR Advisers today!

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