Get Involved


You play an essential role in your daughter’s personal growth. In only a few hours a month, you can concretely contribute to the vitality of your daughter’s Unit by participating in her Guiding experience as a parent-volunteer, all while cultivating a powerful network in your community.

These are just some of the ways that you can make a difference in the lives of girls:

Share a skill or interest with the girls

Whatever the direction of your personal interests or professional skills, from astronaut to zoologist, artist to gardening enthusiast, or anything in-between, there's probably some skill or interest the girls would love for you to share with them!

Chaperone at an outing or event (provide additional adult supervision)

Units usually organize several outings or participate in District events over the year. This is a fun way to find out more about what your daughter is experiencing in Guiding according to your availability.

Support cookie sales

We run two cookie selling campaigns per year (Fall and Spring) which are vital to the financial well-being of the organization.  If you enjoy administrative/organizational activities, this is an invaluable way to help out your daughter's Unit without a weekly commitment. 

Organizing an event or outing

In this capacity you might be asked share some responsibilities, such as making phone calls to parents or making reservations for an outing or keeping track of who's coming or locating resources. Outings and events are important to your daughter. 


If you are an enthusiastic sales whiz or more of a behind the scenes support type personality - either way, the more the merrier is one of the secret ingredients of a successful fundraising campaign! Besides cookie selling to help fund our programs, Units sometimes make use of other fundraising vehicles to acquire the resources needed for outings, camps and other great opportunities for the girls.

Actively help with Unit meetings on an occasional basis

Not sure what Guiding is really all about and would like to learn more or have other commitments that make weekly participation a challenge? Then this may be a great way for you to be involved with your daughter.

Badge Testing

Brownies and Guides love to earn their badges! As not all badges can be earned at the meetings we need help with encouraging and verifying that the girls have completed the requirements for their chosen interest badges.

Become a Guider!

If you are interested in developing your own leadership skills, while building a powerful network of women and making a difference in the lives of girls, consider becoming a Guider this Guiding year!


Learn more about ways to volunteer with Girl Guides or Join Us today! 

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