Facility Rental

Facility Rental

GGC Members

GGC Members

  1. BOOKING REQUEST:  Call or email the Provincial Council office regarding the availability of Heritage Lake.  To secure those dates a non-refundable booking deposit of $50, as well as a separate damage deposit of $100, must be received by the office, within 30 days of the initial phone call together with a complete and signed application form.  Once the camp weekend has been confirmed the RG will receive the following:  HL Handbook, Propane stove handbook, Final report form, and a contact list. The RG is required to familiarize herself and all other adults attending with this information prior to camp.  
  2. FEES: $5 per person / per day, (less $50 deposit) should be sent to the Provincial Office within TWO WEEKS AFTER CAMP together with a copy of the Heritage Camp Report form.  
  3. SAFE GUIDE FORMS: Follow the current Safe Guide procedures and submit the appropriate forms to the provincial office within the required timeframe as outlined in the current Safe Guide.
  4. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: Arrival time should not be earlier than 2:00 pm and departure time should not be later than 2:00 pm unless by previous arrangement with the groups before or after your camp.  In this case the Heritage Operating Committee Chairperson will be notified by the Provincial office before the camp.
  5. COMMUNICATIONS:There are no facilities for collecting or delivery of mail at the camp.  There are no ground telephone services into the camp.  Cell phones may be used however are not always receptive.  The nearest phone and store are 10 km north at White Swan Lodge.
  6. KEYS:  Please make arrangements through the Provincial Office.
  7. FIRES: Firewood is provided for each group.  Please use only what you need. Fires should be kept small and made only in the fireplaces provided. Fire drill instructions should be given and practiced. Propane stove in main lodge.  Please follow directions for use and use only as necessary. Barrel burners are to be used for heating water. Please conserve propane. Electric stove is available in sleeping lodge.
  8. DRINKING WATER: Water is available at the well and is tested each spring for portability.  Plastic storage barrels are provided for water in the cooking area.  A plastic cooler with a tap is available as a drinking fountain.
  9. REFUSE: Garbage must NOT be left at the site under any circumstances.  Garbage should be sealed in garbage bags and taken to the garbage dump at White Swan daily.  You will find directions to the dump posted inside the lodge.  Avoid cans as much as possible.  Do not burn any garbage.  Remove recyclable items such as milk jugs, bottles and cans.  All your cardboard boxes and gadgets you bring in, must later be taken out.
  10. GREY WATER: Dishwater, etc. should be emptied into the waste barrel that is sunk into the ground toward the bush at the rear of the building.  Groups are asked to bring a piece of screening measuring 60cm square or 24 inches square.  Be sure to strain your grey water.  Dispose of the screen when leaving.
  11. FRIENDS OF HERITAGE SLEEPING LODGE: Accommodates 24 in bunks.  The Lodge has a wood stove, electric baseboard heaters, an electric fridge and stove, counter cupboards, and a small cooking area.
  12. MAIN LODGE: Has 18 cubic foot refrigerator and propane group cooking stove with ovens.  Please follow the posted instructions for proper use of the propane stove. Propane barbeque for burgers will require 20 lb. tank.
  13. EQUIPMENT: Please match numbers on tents and tent bags. After camp please leave tents properly packed (unless wet.) There are 8 lightweight (nylon) tents available for use. Please ensure tent poles and pegs are maintained. Label any tents needing repair.
  14. DRYING RACKS (in the main Lodge):  These must be handled only by adults or responsible sturdy girls as the racks are heavy and difficult to control. The area should be cleared of campers before the racks are lowered or raised.
    • Use of spray cans is FORBIDDEN. They can be hazardous to campers and contribute to environment disturbances (even ozone friendly.)
    • We discourage the use of Styrofoam, bubble packs, drinking boxes and tin foil.
    • Use biodegradable soap for camp cleanup and yourself.
    • Maintain a NO TRACE policy throughout the campsite.  The flora in our boreal forest is fragile. 

Take nothing but pictures - Leave nothing but thanks!

Provincial Office @ 306-757-4102 or toll free in SK @ 1-877-694-0383
Email: sk-provincial@girlguides.ca

Heritage Lake Rental application form  

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Heritage Lake Ground Rules Summary

Heritage Lake Waterfront Staff



  1. Heritage Lake is available for rent to the public on a private contract basis.  Although preference may be given to youth groups, church groups, seniors and environmentally conscious individuals/groups every request will be considered on a case by case basis.  The Group Leader/Rental Contact must be prepared to provide verification, with either a Police Record Check, or 2 references that he/she is in good standing with that organization.  
  2. To begin the process, please call the Provincial Council Office for information regarding availability of the camp.  Please note that in the event that the requested dates conflict with a Guiding request, Guiding would be given preference.
  3. Once approval is granted, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the dates requested. 
  4. A contract will be drawn by the SK Provincial Office and signed by the Group Leader/Rental Contact.  Some of the expectations within the contract include:  that the Heritage Handbook & Propane Stove Handbook have been read and understood; that all liability insurance requirements have been met; and that there will be no consumption of alcohol, if children are part of the rental group.    
  5. A $200 Facility Damage Deposit will be required at this time. Following a satisfactory inspection of the facility after the rental period, this deposit will be refunded. This inspection is conducted by a representative of the licensor (Girl Guides of Canada) and the Group Leader/Rental Contact.
  6. If canoes are requested, a separate $250 Damage Deposit will be required.  Again, upon a satisfactory inspection this deposit will be returned.
  7. Rental Fees:   DAY TIME - $10 per day / per person (+GST)    OVERNIGHT - $25 per day / per person (+GST)  WITH CANOES add $10 per day / per person (+GST).  The total rental fee is due 14 days prior to occupancy.    
  8. Arrangements will be made for an orientation of the site between the Group Leader/Rental Contact and a representative of the licensor. 

Provincial Council Office @ 306-757-4102 or toll free in SK @ 1-877-690-0383
Email: sk-provincial@girlguides.ca

Heritage Lake Rental application form 
        Map                Campsite map

 Heritage Lake Ground Rules Summary

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