Recruitment and Retention


Provincial Membership Adviser:

Membership in Saskatchewan focuses on the 3 ‘R’s:


Recruitment – Keep Guiding in Saskatchewan growing and strong by:  sharing the excitement and rewards of Guiding with others; speaking proudly of your role in Guiding and creating opportunities to recruit new members.  And with new members and/or new communities . . . . NEW UNITS!  

Retention – What keeps you coming back?  What do you enjoy about Guiding? Saskatchewan Guiding has many opportunities to keep you inspired, motivated and connected with your fellow Guiders!  Always consider more Training!

Recognition – The joy of girls accomplishing something new; of learning or achieving something yourself; the positive interactions with your Sisters in Guiding – all of these are rewarding.  It is also nice to formally acknowledge your fellow Guiders.  There are many Awards available.  THINK ABOUT NOMINATING SOMEONE TODAY!

Perhaps there is an opportunity with LINK, designed for women ages 18 – 30, who are interested in staying connected with Girl Guides, but unable to fully commit to regular unit timelines and activities.

Joining a Trefoil Guild is a great way, for those 30 plus years old, to stay involved with Girl Guides.  Although participation is not directly with girls or units, the supportive role that Guild members play is essential to the organization.

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