Training for Trainers

Training for Trainers


Each year all trainers and trainer candidates must complete form TR4. These list what you have done in the past year and what you would like to do in the coming year. They should be sent to your Provincial Training Adviser before the end of July each year.

Trainer Re-appointment Requirements

To maintain her appointment, a trainer must be active in her position, training a minimum of 10 hours per year. This helps ensure that the needs of her training team and of the local Guiders are met.

  • At least three hours must be on training the Foundation Modules.
  • A maximum of three hours prep time may be considered towards training hours.

Trainers must also be committed to their own personal learning by participating in a minimum of four hours of enrichment training each year of their appointment. (Training taken outside of Guiding is eligible for training credit assessment). Trainers should track and record their training activities on the Annual Trainer Report, TR4.

Trainers are expected to attend training team meetings and events regularly, in person or via teleconference.

Trainers are expected to track the trainings they have given and enrichment trainings they have taken using the Annual Trainer Report form TR4 to record this information. This form is submitted to the PTA via the ATA.

Trainers must participate in a peer review (performed by her mentor, training adviser or designate) at least once every three years. Use the Trainer Self-Evaluation Form TR5 and the Trainer Observation Form TR6.

Trainers must submit the Participant: Session Evaluation TR8 or summary, from their training session participants to the Provincial Training Adviser along with their peer review TR5 and TR6. These will be reviewed by the Training Committee or Training Executive at their next meeting.

At the end of her three year term, trainers may apply for re-appointment, take a leave of absence for one year or resign. Renewal of trainer appointment is the responsibility of the Provincial Adviser.

Visit Trainer Resources on Member Zone to access the above forms mentioned and more training resources.

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