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Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada - Québec Council

Tel.: 1-877-564-6188

SG.4 - Emergency number: 1-844-266-5695

Contact List for National Council

General Inquiries and Assistance
GGC Customer Care Center
General information and support

Member Zone help
Ranger and adult member website

Cookie Inquiries and Assistance
CK Help

Member Unit Support
Provides support related to unit readiness, unit capacity, unit space, adult renewal, and placement

Member Screening Inquiries and Assistance

Evaluation of Safe Guide forms
Send safe guide forms for evaluation

Provincial Council

Sarah Di Milo & Sara Ogilvie
Provincial Co-Commissioners
Chair, Provincial Council, represents QC at national

Deputy Provincial Commissioner
Supports the Provincial Commissioner

Deputy Provincial Commissioner
Supports the Provincial Commissioner

Lisa Labelle
Girl Engagement Coordinator
Coordinates and oversees camping, program and international advisers and represents them on Provincial Council

Risk and Compliance Adviser
Identifies and mitigates exposure to risks that threaten the Provincial Council’s ability to accomplish GGC's mission

Co-Commissioner Reps
Assists and supports DCs, represents DCs on Council

Elaine Keeble
Co-Commissioner Reps
Assists and supports DCs, represents DCs on Council

RoseAnna Cirino
Member Services Coordinator
Coordinates and oversees training, PR and Membership advisers and represents them on Provincial Council.

Kelly Beausejour
Elected Member - Community Engagement
Connects GGC to the Community through outreach

Susan Welsh
Elected Member - Property Chair
Represents the Property Committee on the Provincial Council

Youth Forum
Engaging with the Pathfinders and Rangers in the province

Dominique Beland
Ensures compliance with financial regulations and standard financial practices

Kelly Vandzura
Staff - Council Secretary
Council support

Advisers and Liaisons

Program Adviser
Supports and facilitates province-wide delivery of information on programming initiatives

Mayali Cousineau
Camping Adviser
Supports, plans and promotes camping activities

Jennifer Desjardins
Cookie Adviser
Promotes and supports cookie sales

Mary-May Hubert
International and Travel Advisers
Promotes and supports international and interprovincial opportunities and initiatives

Membership Adviser
Promotes and supports Membership growth initiatives

PR Adviser
Facilitates planning and supports PR initiatives across the province

Susan Welsh
Property Stewardship Committee Chair
Oversees camp property maintenance, equipment, opening and closing of camp and promotion

Safeguide Adviser
Send questions about Safe Guide here

Valerie Zaloum
Training Adviser
Ensures all Guiders have access to required training, promotes trainings, recruits and supports trainers

Ellen Gauthier and Angie Kruller
Trefoil Co-Liaisons
Promotes and networks with Trefoil Guilds in Québec

Bethan Wardrop
Link Liaison
Promotes and networks with Link members in Québec

Annette Levasseur
Send district meeting minutes to this address

Cecilia Cherry
Nominations Lead
Ensures Guiders are aware of available positions at the provincial level and that a selection process is maintained

Awards Liaison
Ensures Guiders and DCs are aware of awards, supports award process throughout Québec

Diana Rice
Diversity and Inclusion
Provincial representative on the national Diversity and Inclusion committee

Pam Godfrey
Fundraising Requests
Send FR.1 and fundraising questions to this address

Kimberley Devey
Send QC news updates to be shared with adult members and Rangers through the GuidePost

Stefanie Nolet
Assists with french translation and review for QC Council, events, and operations

Council authorized signers
Forward all agreements and contracts for all Guiding activities/spaces to this address for approval and signing


Kelly Vandzura
Provincial Operations Team Lead

Ambika Gananathan
Provincial Executive Assistant

Trudy Sangster
Provincial finance support


Kimberley Devey
Pinewoods/Pin District
Old districts - Northern Lights, Laval-Mille-Iles, Argenteuil, Quebec City and Saguenay Units

Sharon King
Birchwoods/Bouleau District
Old districts - Liesse, Monklands, St Lawrence (Lachine)

Pavolina Owczar
Oakwoods/Chêne District
Old districts - Lakeshore, Northshore, Pincourt, Pointe-Claire, Riverdale, St. Lazare, Valois-Dorval

Sarah Di Milo
Maplewoods/Erable District
Old districts - Riverview, Des Mont, HAV, St Law (Verdun and LaSalle), QC EST (Sherb, Richmond, Thetford Mines, Knowlton)

Events and Other

Joanne Cardinal
Summer Camp
Summer camp at Camp Peaceful Waters

Joanne Cardinal
Summer Camp Jobs
Inquiries about summer camp jobs

Please contact if you are interested in learning more about any of the vacant positions listed. We would be happy to discuss them with you!

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