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Why Girl Guides of Canada?

When you sign your daughter up for Girl Guides of Canada, you are giving her the opportunity to discover herself – and so much more. She'll explore, create, learn – and shine.

Register now, and she'll have a place where she belongs, where she can go to have fun and make friends through confidence-building group activities.

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What Do Girls In Guiding Do?

At Girl Guides of Canada, girls from 5-17 meet with girls their own age in a safe, inclusive space to discover themselves, have fun, make friends and develop life skills. Your daughter will join over 95,000 other girls and women across Canada who love what Guiding offers them. She'll explore everything she wants to be, in an all woman and girl environment environment that's designed to empower girls. She'll also get an entry pass to access amazing opportunities, in Guiding, including scholarships and international travel opportunities.

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Interested in Learning More?

Girl Guides has year-round local membership events across the country. These membership events are a great way to meet Guiding members, and learn about the benefits of Guiding and how you can register.

To learn more about the benefits of Guiding and how you can register, please call 1-800-565-8111 to speak to a membership representative.

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  • Everything I love and everything I have done stems back to my experiences in Guiding, and for that I will be forever grateful.

    Alissa, Ranger

  • Personally I have always been self-conscious about my looks, my weight and who I am as a person. Girl Guides gave me a family that wasn't judgmental and taught me to love who I am, while constantly striving for my goals and dreams.

    Cassandra, Ranger

  • Guiding has taught me so much more than camping and crafts – it has given me the confidence and initiative to empower myself and those around me.

    Holly, girl Member

  • The personal growth that I have accomplished with the help and support of the Girl Guiding community has been enormous and has shaped the woman that I am today. I used to be very shy and sharing my opinion in public was a struggle. Girl Guides gave me a safe environment where I could start to express myself and become comfortable with who I am and that confidence slowly transpired to other aspects of my life.

    Kshamina, girl member

  • Guiding has made me a more confident, independent, kind, thoughtful, fearless, self-assured and beautiful individual. I am so happy with who I am, and I give all the credit to Guiding.

    Lauren, girl member

  • The Girl Guides of Canada organization has taught me endless lessons in life – confidence, being true to yourself, taking opportunities, being a role model and following your dreams.

    Samantha, girl member

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