What is Girls First?

Girls First is Girl Guides of Canada's comprehensive review and revision of our program content and delivery. We know that Girls and their needs are changing – and we're transforming our program to meet those needs today and into the future. Our new programming will allow girls to actively shape their own Guiding experience as they build the skills and confidence to take on any challenge.

Girls First will have a positive impact on our entire organization.

  •  It will be Girl-driven – putting Girls' interests front and centre and enabling them to be actively involved in their Guiding experience
  •  It will support Guiders as facilitators as Girls navigate their Guiding experience.
  •  It will be flexible and responsive – ensuring Guiding remains relevant and ready to respond to Girls' changing needs and interests

Where are we today?

Re-building the Guiding program and how it's delivered is a complex undertaking. We're happy to report that we've made significant progress in laying the foundation. We've gathered valuable input from over 12,000 Girls, Guiders and parents across Canada and we'll continue to consult with members, parents and subject matter experts as we move forward. We've also conducted a comprehensive review of current research on the factors that impact the lives of girls in Canada. To take a look at what we've learned to date, please click on the Girls First Research link below.

This year, we'll begin testing new elements with our members to make sure everything is just right. Look for the launch of DeCode, a new Media Literacy Challenge, in January 2018. DeCode will be written using the new Girls First outcomes based approach and language.

The new Girls First programming will be released in the 2018-19 Guiding year, along with a transition plan to help Girls and Guiders shift to the new program. We will also be launching an evaluation program, to ensure that all Girls, no matter where they live, can experience the same level of awesome programming. In the meantime, Girls will continue to participate in our current programming, working towards their core badges and challenge crests.

Please keep checking back to this page for the most current Girls First news.

We need YOUR voice

The Girls First team is hard at work writing and developing new content for all branches of programming, but we can't do it without you! So we want to know – what's your favourite activity? You know; the one activity that you or your unit loves the most. Or something you've done in your unit that you think other units would really love to do too?

The activity can be anything – a game, a project, an experiment or a craft. It can be an indoor activity, an outdoor activity, or even a camping activity. And it can be on any theme or topic!

Submit your favourite activities - we'll add it to the growing pool of creative tools that the Girls First team is relying on. Let's bring our Guiding network together and make our collective new program something we are all proud of!

Girls First Research

Overview and key findings of consultations

Canadian girls in today's world