GGC-QC Events

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Upcoming Events

Guider Symposium
Date: January 20, 2018
Location: John Abbott College
Registration: Register here
Additional Information: Here

Pathfinder Trip to Carnival
Date: February 2-4
Registration: Full!
Forms part A | part B, SG1 (FR | EN), SG2 (FR | EN)

Guide Winter Camp
Date: Februart 23-25
Location: Centre de Plein Air L'Estacade
Registration: Online portion (ENG | FR), SG.1 (ENG | FR), SG.2 (ENG | FR), H.1 (ENG | FR), H.3  (ENG | FR) - Deadline: January 29

Geordie Productions' Around the World in 80 Days
Date: April 21
Location: D.B. Clark Theatre (Basement of Hall Bulding) - 1455 De Maisonneuve
Registration: Done
Forms: Registration and Handout

Date: May 5 (lunch)
Registration: To Come
Additional information: Will include a Girls First session.

National AGM
Date: May 30-June 4
Registration: To come
17/01/2018 5:45:42 AM