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Design-a-Crest Contest

Guiders are you looking for a fun filler at your meetings this month? The Design a Crest contest is open. We are accepting designs by ALL members. The selected design will become the membership crest that all members in QC receive next year. How cool! Since this year is Canada’s 150th anniversary, we’re looking for a crest with that theme.

Why not use this as an opener or closer for your meeting? Tip: print out this handout and encourage your girls to create a design during your meeting. To get their creative juices flowing prompt them with some ideas for the design - What's your favorite thing about Canada? What do you love about Girl Guides? What does being a Canadian Girl Guide mean to you? When they're done, scan or snap a pic of the designs with the girls' names on them and send them to by March 30.

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French Programming
  • Need some help with songs in French? Take a look through these chansons en Français!
  • Find the French translation of common Guiding words, badge names, songs and promises in the  GGC-QC Lexicon






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Provincial Challenges
For the provincial challenges (Québec Chocolate Challenge, Québec Tech & Nature, Québec, c'est la fête and Québec Spin), click here.

National Programming

National Service Project 2016-2018: Action on Poverty
  • National website with activity ideas and resources as well as a spot to log your hours and actions.
National Service Project 2014-2016: Words in Action

Program Ideas from other Provinces 

Direct links to program resources and challenges from Provincial Councils and committees across the country

Girl Guide Challenge crests from across Canada - Thanks to the BC programming team for compiling this cross-reference resource!

National program resources
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