Program Ideas

Local Programming

Design-a-Membership-Crest Contest
The deadline to submit a design is April 1. Here is a handout (EN | FR) to help you out. Please send submissions to

In and around Montréal

Partnership with Geordie Productions
Since 2017, we have partnered with Geordie Productions to offer Girl Guide-exclusive outings to plays including a behind the scenes tour, an opportunity to meet the actors and a chance to bond with other units.
- 2017 - Water Weight
- 2018 - Around the World in 80 Day
- 2019 - Reaching for Starlight

French Programming
  • Need some help with songs in French? Take a look through these chansons en Français!
  • Find the French translation of common Guiding words, badge names, songs and promises in the  GGC-QC Lexicon





  All Branches

Provincial Challenges
For the provincial challenges (Québec Chocolate Challenge, Québec Tech & Nature, Québec, c'est la fête and Québec Spin), click here.

National Programming

National Service Project 2016-2018: Action on Poverty
  • National website with activity ideas and resources as well as a spot to log your hours and actions.
National Service Project 2014-2016: Words in Action

Program Ideas from other Provinces 

Direct links to program resources and challenges from Provincial Councils and committees across the country

Girl Guide Challenge crests from across Canada - Thanks to the BC programming team for compiling this cross-reference resource!

National program resources
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