Harbourside Area primarily covers the Halifax Regional Municipality: peninsula and west, as far as St. Margaret's Bay.

Harbourside Area has six Guiding Districts covering the general locations of:
-   Halifax South DS: Downtown and South End
-   Hammonds Plains DS: Hammonds Plains
-   Shoreview DS: Branching from the Armdale Rotary: includes Cowie Hill, Spryfield, Herring Cove, Harrietsfield,
     North West Arm Drive and vicinity
-   St. Margaret's Bay DS:  Stillwater Lake, Upper Tantallon, St. Margaret's Bay,  Tantallon to Peggy's Cove
-   Timberlea Prospect DS: Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea and Prospect
-   Windsor Park DS: North End Halifax, West End Halifax, Fairview and Clayton Park

The area is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide programming for girls and adult leadership and training opportunities.

Area Co- Commissioners: Megan Boyko & Jenn Beaver


Program: Tabitha Palmer: harboursideprogram@gmail.com

Camping: Denise Hirtle: HarboursideCamping@gmail.com

International:  Harboursideinternational@gmail.com

PR: Monica Mackendrick:  HarboursidePR@gmail.com

Membership: Catherine Savoie: harboursidemembership@gmail.com

Cookies: Maggie Jane Spray: maggiejanespray@gmail.com 

Training: Cheryl Franklin - harboursidetraining@gmail.com

Harbourside Volunteer Opportunities

We have the following openings for volunteers to are looking to expand their knowledge, use their skills and help make a difference.  Additional information, on the following,  can be found at the bottom of:Committee Responsibilities


Positions Needed - Please contact Harbourside AC's  for more info if interested
    -Area International Adviser   
    -Area Treasurer: -The Treasurer works with the Area Commissioner and the Provincial Treasurer to manage the Area Council’s financial resources on behalf of Girl Guides of Canada.


" HARBOURSIDE AREA SCHOLARSHIP " -Kirstyn Butler Memorial Scholarship



For more information on Guiding in Harbourside Area, please feel free to contact: ******************************
Area Trainings

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