Help with Online Registration

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1. Login or create an account

Visit the Registration Website and login or create an account if it is your first time registering.

2. Register the girl(s) on your dashboard or add new girls

To register your child, select the available option under her name. If your child's name is not on your dashboard, select "Create another girl record" to add her to your account.

In the spring, registration for the fall opens in phases.  Please refer to the registration schedule to see when you can register.

WAITLIST: If the group you selected is full, you can join the waitlist. There is no fee to join the waitlist and if a spot opens up for your child, you will be notified by email.

3. Proceed to payment

Carefully review and agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you wish to apply for financial assistance, click ‘Apply for subsidy’ on the payment page and complete an application. If your application is approved, the subsidy will be deducted automatically from your child's membership fee at checkout. Then process the payment. We accept PayPal and credit cards by Visa and MasterCard.

4. Start your Guiding adventure!
Find out about the next steps after you have registered as a member of Girl Guides.

Parent Account and Sign-in Questions

Q1. I can't remember which email address I used for my account. How can I figure that out?

A. Contact or 1-877-564-6188 and provide your name, your home address and your child's full name to help us retrieve your record for you.

Q2. I can’t log in! I keep getting the message “Incorrect username or password”. What should I do?

A.  Try resetting your password. Please note that when you reset your password, it might take a few minutes for the new password to start working. If you are not sure what your username (email address) is, contact or 1-877-564-6188 and provide your name, your home address and your child's full name to help us retrieve your record for you.

Q3. I have an existing Parent Account but I want to change my email address. How can I do that?

A. Login to your existing parent account then click "Account details" to change your information, including your parent account email address and password. If you are not able to log into your account, contact or 1-877-564-6188. Please provide your name, mailing address and the email on your account to help us retrieve your record.

Q4. I’m not receiving emails from the registration website (e.g. password reset). What do I do now?

A. Check your spam/junk folder for the email. If the emails are not there, add noreply-registration@ to your safe senders list or address book.

Account activation: You can re-send the account activation email to yourself by logging into your family account and clicking "Resend email".

Password reset: You can re-send the password reset email to yourself here. If you still don’t receive it, you may have used a different email address to create your account. Try using the password reset tool with a different email address, or contact or 1-877-564-6188 with your name, your home address and your child's full name to help us retrieve your record for you.

Q5. I created a new account and it's saying I can't add my child because she is linked to another account, what should I do?

A. You may have accidentally created two parent accounts. Try logging into the other account to register your child (it would have a different email address). Or check with your child’s other caregivers to see if they created an account. If you need further assistance, contact or 1-877-564-6188 and provide the full name and birth date of your child.

Q6. I am trying to create an account and am getting an error when I submit. What should I do?

A. Make sure all the required fields are filled out, your email address is entered correctly, and your password meets the requirements before clicking the button for "Account Confirmation". If you are still getting an error, try using a different browser or device.

Q7. How often should I change my password?

A. The security of your personal information is very important to us and your account password is key to this. We recommend changing your password every 6 months. When you change your password, you cannot use your previous four passwords. Change your password using the Forgot Password function or log into your account and click Account Details.

Registration Process

Q1. My child is interested in joining Girl Guides. How can she become a member?

A. Girls are welcome to join Girl Guides at any time of year, although most programs run during the school year. Create an account on the registration website to register. In the spring, registration for the fall opens in phases. Please refer to the registration schedule for more info.

Q2. Which age group (branch) can my child join? 

A. Our age categories are based on the age a girl will be as of Dec. 31 of the current Guiding year (September 1 to August 31 of the following year). For example if a girl is eight years old but will turn nine on November 3, 2023, she is eligible to join Guides (for girls 9-11 years old) for the September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024 Guiding year. Additionally, girls who turn five after December 31 can join Sparks as soon as they turn five. 

In Québec:  Our age categories are based on the age a girl will be as of September 30 of the current Guiding year (September 1 to August 31 of the following year). If you are not able to register in the correct age group in QC, please contact or 1-877-564-6188.

Refer to this chart to determine what branch your child can join.

Age branch chart image
For more information email

Learn more about the branches here.

Q3. My child's birth date or name is incorrect on the website. How can I change it?

A. Contact or 1-877-564-6188 to have the record corrected.

Q4. My child will turn five years old in January. Can she join Sparks partway through the year?

A. Yes, your child can join Sparks as soon as she turns five.

Q5. How can I find a group [unit] in my area?

A. Use the Find a Group tool. You can either scroll through the list of units to the left of the map or click a blue Trefoil/Girl Guide icon to learn more about a location. Once you have located the group [unit] you are interested in, click "Register now".

Q6. I found a group [unit] for my child, can I reserve a space and pay later?

A. No, when you select a group [unit] on the registration website, a timer appears to tell you how many minutes the space is on hold for your child. If you don't complete the payment within the specified time, you will lose the space and have to start again.

Q7. Can I change my child's group [unit] after I have registered?

A. Yes. To change the group [unit] after registering, go to your dashboard and click "Select new group [unit]" under your child's name. Follow the prompts to select a new group [unit]. You will not have to pay again. You can switch units any time until registration for the Guiding year closes.

Q8. I have registered. What's next?

A. Start your Guiding adventure! Find out about the next steps after you have registered your child as a member of Girl Guides.

Q9. When is my child's first meeting?

A. To check your unit’s meeting details (e.g. start date), log in to your parent account here.

Our volunteers and staff work hard to finalize details for each unit. A leader should be in touch before your first meeting. As we lead up to the start of the Guiding year in September, meeting details are tentative, and some start dates may be TBD. If your start date is not posted by mid-September, please contact us at or 1-877-564-6188 for more information.

If you registered a girl after her group’s start date, she can start attending right away.

Q10. I have not heard from my child's leader yet.

A. A leader should be in touch to give you more information before your first meeting. If you registered a girl after her group’s start date, she can start attending right away.

Q11. How can I buy a uniform?

A. To buy a uniform, visit our online store. The online store is separate from our registration website and you will need to create a different login.  For technical support, please contact the store's customer service.

Q12. I can't register online. How can I register my child?

A. In rare circumstances, girls may need to be registered using a PDF/paper form (for example, if the membership fee will be paid for by a third party like Jumpstart). Please contact or 1-877-564-6188 for more info.

Waitlist Information

Q1. My child's preferred group [unit] is full. Can I join a waitlist?

A. Yes, to join a waitlist login to your parent account and select "Join waitlist" below your child's name on your dashboard or from the group [unit] on the map. In addition to being on one waitlist, you can also register in a group [unit] that has space.

Q2. I received an email that a space is now available for my waitlisted child. What should I do?

A. Login to your Parent Account and click "Proceed with registration" then agree to the Terms and Conditions and process the payment. You must complete the registration within three business days of receiving the group [unit] space availability notification, otherwise your child will lose the space.

Payment, Financial Assistance, and Refunds

Q1. My credit card is not accepted, what should I do?

A. The registration website accepts payment using credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal. When entering Visa or MasterCard information, double check the following required details:

  • The credit card is valid and activated
  • The credit card number is entered without spaces and the expiration date and the security code or pin number found on the back of the card have been entered correctly
  • The name/billing information matches that of the credit card

Q2. How can I get a copy of the receipt?

A. Please email with your child’s full name and birth date to request a copy of the receipt.

Q3. Is there a discount for registering my child partway through the year?

A. Girl Guides sometimes offers a limited time membership discount partway through the year, as well as a free trial period to attend Guiding toward the end of the Guiding year. Contact or 1-877-564-6188 to find out what options are currently available.

Q4. Is financial assistance available?

A. Yes, the Girl Guides of Canada Membership Fee Subsidy Application can be accessed directly through the payment page on our registration website. Please note that this applies to membership fees only.

More information about financial assistance (e.g. subsidies, paying in installments).

Q5. How do I register if I’ve received financial assistance from another organization (i.e. Jumpstart)?

A. If you are receiving financial assistance from a funding provider to register your child in Guiding, please contact or 1-877-564-6188 for assistance. Please note that we are not able to hold a space in a group for your child until you connect with a Girl Guides representative and your registration is finalized.

Q6. How can I request a refund?

A. Please read the Withdrawl and Refund Guidelines for more information.

Q7. I got an error while processing payment. Is my child registered?

A. To confirm if your payment was successful, check your Dashboard. If you see "Registered" below your child's name, your payment was successful and your child is registered. If not, please try processing the payment again.

Please note that some mobile devices, specifically iPhone 5 or older running iOS 9 and older versions, are not compatible with PayPal which we use to process both credit card and PayPal payments. If you are getting a payment error consistently, we recommend using an updated device or a PC/laptop.

Technical requirements

  • We recommend using the following browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox 3.6 or higher, Safari 2 or higher, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Is your device’s operating system compatible? Apple phones and tablets require iOS version 10 or higher. Android phones and tablets require Android version 5.0 or higher.
  • Program platform - Start exploring empowering, girl-driven activities on our digital program platform!
  • Member Zone - Website for adult members, bridging members and Rangers with resources for program planning, opportunities and more. Family accounts and younger girls do not have access.
  • Online Store - Shop here for Guiding uniforms and other supplies. The store is a separate website and Family account or Member Zone account will not work to login on this site.
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