Bridging member

So, you’ve finished Rangers or Trex… what comes next? 

There are many paths you can take in Guiding after you have completed your time as a youth member.

A Bridging member is a member who has not yet reached the age of majority in their province/territory. They can be a new member or someone who wants to continue their membership. A Bridging member may be registered as a Junior Leader in a Spark, Ember or Guide unit or as a Youth Member at Large at the provincial level. 

PEI – at age 18 you will start the screening process to become an adult member.

For NB members, the age of majority is 19 therefore you will not be considered an adult member and you still have some time before you can become a fully-fledged Guider. During this period of your Guiding journey, you’ll be a Bridging member. This means you still have youth status as opposed to adult status in Guiding and you have unique options available during this transition period. Because we want you to stay involved in Guiding, registration for Bridging members in New Brunswick is free! 

Bridging member opportunities 

Junior Leader 

Becoming a Junior Leader is a great way for Bridging members to develop leadership skills by working directly with youth. In this role, you’ll work with Guiders to plan meetings, camps and events for Sparks, Embers or Guides. Not only is this a great mentorship opportunity where you can learn the ropes from experienced Guiders, but you’ll also help create lifelong memories for youth by planning fun and exciting programs! 

Join a committee, council, or team 

There are many other roles in Guiding besides being a Guider. Love camping? Consider volunteering on a camp committee or as a camp helper. Interested in ensuring youth voices are heard? Dive headfirst into the action by becoming a member of a district or area council. In any of these roles, you’ll develop leadership skills, become a confident event planner and executer, and receive first-class mentorship from experienced Guiders and volunteers. To learn more about opportunities in these areas, reach out to your local area commissioner or district commissioner.   


Wait and become a Link  

In New Brunswick, youth can become a Link when they turn 19. If you register as a Bridging member, you can seamlessly transition into this next phase of Guiding. The Link program is specifically meant for young adults keen to continue being involved with Guiding in whatever capacity they choose. Not only do Link members can complete new challenges, but they also have access to a wide variety of training, travel and professional development opportunities. Link members are eligible to apply for GGC scholarships.  

Stay connected 

For some of you, this may be a busy time where you may not be able to dedicate as much time to Guiding as you used to and that is totally ok! We know that leaving high school and moving on to this next step can be challenging and we want to do our best to support you along the way. That is why being a Bridging member is a great way to simply stay connected with the guiding community. As a Bridging member, you’ll still receive email communications and you’ll still be considered a member of Girl Guides of Canada. On your 19th birthday, you’ll be invited to register as an adult member where even more Guiding opportunities await!


Guiding on your resume  

The world of adulthood brings many challenges – Girl Guides are prepared for anything! Did you know that all the work you have done in Guiding is easily transferable to a resume in the form of both hard and soft skills? Whether it's leadership skills, independence, time management, event planning, or communication skills, there are many things from Guiding that make you the ideal candidate for employers. Learn more about Guiding on your resume.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand what comes next after Rangers. If you have any questions that we have not mentioned on this list or if you’re interested in learning about Guiding opportunities for youth members in New Brunswick and PEI, please email

What is a Bridging member?

A Bridging member (formerly TMBR or Transitioning member) is a youth member who has not yet reached the age of majority in their province/territory (18 in PEI or 19 in NB) but has completed the Ranger program. A Bridging member is still a youth member and as such, has youth status, as opposed to adult status in Guiding.

How do I register to become a Bridging member?

Youth interested in becoming a Bridging Member should fill out a paper registration form (A.5P).  Forms can then be emailed to for processing.

When filling out the registration form, select the box that says “Girls transitioning to adult membership (completed Rangers program)” in the “I want to join” section.

Do I have to pay a registration fee to become a Bridging member?

No! Registration fees are covered by the Girl Guides of New Brunswick Provincial Council and Girl  Guides of Canada.

We want you to stay involved. To help you ease through this transitioning period, we have waived all registration fees for Bridging members.

I’m 18 years old. Does that mean I am a Bridging member?

PEI – at the age of 18, you will start the screening process to become an adult member.

NB – Not necessarily. If you have turned 18 after the current Guiding year has started (anytime between October and June) and you are in your final year of high school, you should register for the Ranger program. On the other hand, not all Bridging members will turn 18 before the new Guiding year starts. For example, you could have finished Rangers in June but will not turn 18 until September, October, November, or December of the upcoming Guiding year. If this is the case, you will register as a Bridging member and not a Ranger. If you have any questions about registration, you can email them to

When do I register to become a Bridging member?

We recommend that you register as soon as registration opens for the next Guiding year. See #2 above on how to register. Forms can then be sent off to for processing.

When do I register as an adult member?

In the month following your 19th birthday, you will be contacted (via the email associated with your iMIS profile) to complete a screening to become an adult member. You can then fill out an adult registration form.

Do I need a police record check to be a Bridging member?

No. As a Bridging member, you are still considered a youth member and are therefore not required to have a police record check. When you turn 19, you will need to have a police record check if you wish to volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada. For more information, reach out to your local district commissioner.

Can I be a Guider or Junior Leader while I am a Bridging member?

Absolutely! Where you will still not be old enough to be considered an adult member and therefore cannot be a Guider, we encourage interested youth to register with a unit and volunteer as a Junior Leader. Learn more about the  Junior Leader program.

Keep in mind that Junior Leaders are only able to volunteer with units at least two branches below them. You’ll only be able to assist Spark, Ember and Guide units until you become a Guider.

Can I register as a Link member and a Bridging member?

Unfortunately, no. Link members require an adult membership. When you are 19, we would love for you to register as a Link member!

Why should I become a Bridging member?

There are so many reasons you should become a Bridging member! Here are a few:

  • Access to scholarships, travel opportunities and trainings.
  • A smooth transition to adult membership (Guider) when you turn 19.
  • Communication – Guidepost and other important emails – stay up to date!
  • Ability to volunteer directly with girls as a Junior Leader or with committees/councils.
  • It’s totally free! We want you to stay – NB Council of GGC covers your membership fee


I’m 19 and no longer a Bridging member. What’s next?

We would love for you to continue your Guiding journey and become an Adult Member! There are many different routes you can take as a volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada. Whether you choose to be a Guider with a unit, a Link Member, or a camp volunteer, there is something for everyone in Guiding.

There is also the option to join a Guiding Council in your district, area, or on the provincial level. For more information on opportunities contact your Area Commissioner.

Not only do these experiences look fantastic on a resume, but they also connect you with inspiring individuals from across the country and beyond.

If you have any questions about opportunities for Bridging members in NB, please email

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