A group of seven Girl Guides ages 15 to 17 smiling and walking together in the woods while it’s raining. They are wearing rain jackets, some with hoods up.

Welcome to Rangers!

Fun leadership activities for 15, 16 and 17 year olds

Rangers is a place for exciting leadership activities for teens ages 15 to 17. She’ll have the chance to take the lead as she runs her own community projects, mentors younger girls in Guiding and raises awareness for causes she cares about – all in a safe space where she can just be herself together with friends.

Ranger units generally meet once per week or bi-weekly for 90 minutes. Each unit sets their own schedule.

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Four Girl Guides aged 15 to 17 posing together outside with two girls in front carrying the other two girls on their backs.

Rangers can try new activities like:

  • Canoeing – they might even take an overnight canoe trip!
  • Empowering girls and women locally and globally
  • Budgeting, resume-writing and other essential life skills
  • Exploring the world on a local, national or international trip
  • Co-leading a unit of younger girls in Guiding. Find out more about becoming a Junior Leader

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Two Girl Guides aged 15 to 17 wearing helmets and wearing harnesses
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