Trefoil Guild

Trefoil Guild
Trefoil Guild Annual Gathering - Sept. 18 - 19, 2015

Trefoil Guild members meet together for friendship and learning, to provide service and to keep the Spirit of Guiding alive.  Based on the interests and abilities of the members, activities are varied and range from camping, hiking or travel to attending lectures, tours at local points of interest, crafting, hosting a potluck OR all of the above! 
Most Guilds are actively involved with a variety of projects to assist Guiding in the community.  By keeping in touch with Districts and Areas, opportunities often arise where Trefoil Guild members can provide invaluable service, experience and knowledge. 
Guilds meet as often as they wish - some meet every month, some perhaps two or three times a year with meetings held in the afternoon or the evening.   Each Guild ultimately determines their own schedule, as it best suits their members.    
Membership is open to all women 30 years of age or over.  Guild Members are considered full Members of Girl Guides and
wear the same official uniform as all adult members, as well as purple t-shirts representing the Trefoil Guilds.   
 If you are interested in joining, please contact the SK Provincial Council office.  


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