GGC is committed to supporting you in your volunteer position in Nova Scotia. One source of that support is training. Whether you are a new Unit Guider, a Commissioner or an experienced adviser, training teaches you new skills and energizes you for the year ahead.

Nova Scotia's training team is here to help!

For questions about training in Nova Scotia, please contact

Virtual and In-Person Training for Nova Scotia

For in-person and virtual trainings hosted by Girl Guides of Nova Scotia, please see the Girl Guides of Canada - NS Council – Training. Trainings listed here are presented by Nova Scotia Trainers. Although these are available to any Guider, Nova Scotia Guiders have priority.

Please “follow” the Eventbrite page to be notified of new trainings when they are posted.

Please note that all Girl Guides of Canada – NS Council trainings, unless otherwise stated, are open to Rangers, Bridging members and adult members. Some trainings (such as Safe Guide) will not be added to the iMIS record for Rangers/Bridging members, as they need to be completed once the member is an adult.

Area Trainings

For information on in-person and virtual sessions being offered by areas in Nova Scotia, please refer to the appropriate page under Volunteers > Areas.

If there is no contact listed for Area Training Advisor, please contact the Area Commissioner for information on area trainings.

Virtual Training – Nationwide

For virtual trainings hosted by the Girl Guides Canada at the national level, please see the GGC National Training Calendar. This calendar has training sessions on a variety of topics that are open to Guiders across Canada.

Other provinces are also offering virtual trainings, which are typically open to any Guider. Links can be found on provincial web pages.

New Guider Learning Path – For New Guiders or Guiders Changing Branches

The New Guider Learning Path is a series of five courses that ensures Guiders feel confident and prepared to lead their units. All Guiders are required to complete these five courses within their first six months of joining Girl Guides of Canada.

Guiders will learn about the girl program, the girl-driven approach to Guiding and the components of a safe, inclusive environment. Also included are engagement strategies and branch traditions that enable Guiders to deliver meaningful girl experiences. The courses are interactive and engaging and reflect what Guiders have told us they most need to know!

These courses are available as e-learning, virtual training and in person.

For more information, including links to complete these e-learnings, please visit the New Guider Learning Path section Member Zone. Virtual trainings can be found on the Girl Guides of Canada - NS Council – Training and GGC National Training Calendar. For more information on in-person sessions, please reach out to your DC/AC or check your area page under Volunteers > Areas.

Safe Guide Training

When working with children and youth, providing a safe environment is paramount. Planning with safety in mind gives everyone, leaders, girls and parents, peace of mind to know that the activity is well run. Safe Guide: Activity Planning and Safety Management provides Members with the procedures and information needed when planning and managing exciting, successful, and fun activities for girls.

Safe Guide training must be completed within six months of becoming a Guider.

For more information, including links to complete Safe Guide as an e-learning, please visit the Safe Guide Training section of Member Zone.

In-person sessions are typically offered in the fall, and these are highly recommended for a better understanding of the practical application of Safe Guide to unit meetings. For more information, please reach out to your DC/AC or check your area page under Volunteers > Areas.

Food Safety

Food Safety is a required training for camps and overnights in Nova Scotia. This is offered both in-person and virtually. For virtual sessions, please see the Provincial Calendar of Events.

First Aid Training

For information on First Aid training, please refer to the First Aid Training page.

How to Earn Training Pins

Adult members can earn training pins through Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM). This is GGC’s national training program designed to provide adult members with the opportunity to obtain the skills and resources they need to carry out their positions confidently. Training is a great way for members to connect with other Guiders, share ideas and remain energized about Guiding.

Guiders can earn up to seven pins under this program. For more information on requirements, please see the Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) section of Member Zone.

How do I get an earned pin? If you have completed the requirements for a pin but not received it, please reach out to with the details, and we can help you find out how to receive your pin.

Trainings Missing from iMIS

Only Trainings listed on the TEAM page can be added to your iMIS record.

If you have completed a TEAM training that is not listed in your iMIS record, please reach out to with the details. Please include which training is missing, when you did it, and the name of the Trainer (if known).

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