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Girls First will be GGC's new program. It will be launched and accessible to the entire field for the 2018/2019 Guiding year. To ensure it is the best it can be we are taking this upcoming year to visit with Girls, Guiders and other adult volunteers from each council area to hear firsthand feedback and insights. We will also implement a plan to support Girls and Guiders making the transition to the new program during the 2018/19 Guiding year.

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October 2017


Quebec Camp

Quebec Camp

Last month the Girls First team headed to la belle province to learn about the Quebec Council's amazing approach to Girl-driven programming – and update them on the latest from Girls First.

We started in Montreal, meeting with GGC staff who filled us in on all the good news stories coming from across the province.  During the afternoon, we were lucky enough to meet with members of the Quebec Council.  What was scheduled as an hour-long meeting grew to almost three hours of rich conversation and dialogue about the roll out, quality and accessibility of Girls First.  We received fantastic suggestions, specifically on the Quebec context and how best to support Girls and Guiders throughout the growing region. 

The feedback we received was very positive – overall the members and staff let us know how happy and encouraged they are with the program direction and the updates so far.  They were also looking forward to hearing the perspective of the Guiders and Girls we were set to meet at the "Fall Fun Day" Camp .

The next day the Girls First team headed to Morin Heights to participate in this energizing camp.  It was a day filled with exploration, discovery and problem-solving.  Older Girls supported and mentored the younger ones – even making them lunch on buddy burners and over the campfire!  Guiders walked hand-in-hand with Girls, singing camp songs and encouraging the Girl explorers as they accomplished the goals they had set for themselves.  It was a fun, fast and energy-filled day!

The Girls First team had set up a station, so we were able to speak with Sparks right up to Rangers and Guiders about the program change.  They played with the Girls First web platform, and learned about the program requirements and content. Their excitement about what lies ahead was contagious, leaving us super excited as well. Of course, it's always best to hear it in their own words, so have a listen to what our members had to say.

What our members are saying:

A new Guide explains the importance of Girls having choice in program.

Guiders can't wait for their administrative duties to be streamlined!

Counting the sleeps: excited Guiders advocating for a dynamic and responsive program.

Up Next

Learn about our program transition plans as we unleash the energy of Girls First Champions across the country.  These volunteers will support Guiders by hosting dynamic Girls First workshops in their own areas throughout the 2018 and 2019 Guiding years.

What is Girls First?

Girls First is Girl Guides of Canada's comprehensive review and revision of our program content and delivery. We know that Girls and their needs are changing – and we're transforming our program to meet those needs today and into the future. Our new programming will allow girls to actively shape their own Guiding experience as they build the skills and confidence to take on any challenge.

Girls First will have a positive impact on our entire organization.

  •  It will be Girl-driven – putting Girls' interests front and centre and enabling them to be actively involved in their Guiding experience
  •  It will support Guiders as facilitators as Girls navigate their Guiding experience.
  •  It will be flexible and responsive – ensuring Guiding remains relevant and ready to respond to Girls' changing needs and interests

We need YOUR voice

The Girls First team is hard at work writing and developing new content for all branches of programming, but we can't do it without you! So we want to know – what's your favourite activity? You know; the one activity that you or your unit loves the most. Or something you've done in your unit that you think other units would really love to do too?

The activity can be anything – a game, a project, an experiment or a craft. It can be an indoor activity, an outdoor activity, or even a camping activity. And it can be on any theme or topic!

Submit your favourite activities - we'll add it to the growing pool of creative tools that the Girls First team is relying on. Let's bring our Guiding network together and make our collective new program something we are all proud of!


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