Please note: Due to heavy parcels volumes and increased safety measures, delays in shipping can be expected. We are making every effort to complete the delivery of your cookies as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Q Where can I buy Girl Guide cookies?

Cookie selling is a long-standing tradition in Canada.  Girl Guide cookies are sold by girls in communities across Canada. Please visit our Cookie Finder Map to find a unit near you who will be selling cookies either in-person or online.

Q How much does a box of Girl Guide cookies cost?

Girl Guide cookies are sold for only $5.00 a box. If you are purchasing cookies through our e-cookies portal, shipping and handling fees will apply.

Q Can Girl Guide cookies be bought online?

Customers can now purchase cookies online through our e-cookies portal and have them delivered right to their door.

  • If you know a girl member or Guider, make sure to ask her for her unit’s unique cookie selling page link so that you can purchase directly through her unit. 
  • Do not know a girl member selling cookies? Not a problem - please visit our cookie finder map to find a unit near you selling cookies online.
Security is at the forefront to any system used by GGC. Our e-cookies portal follows strict security protocols to protect both the member and the organization. 


Girls that are participating in online marketing initiatives (not online sales) should read and discuss the rules for online safety with parents/guardians and/or their Unit Guider(s). Online marketing can include various mediums like print, broadcast and social media in a safe and secure manner. Cookies that are for sale on auction sites should not be purchased as GGC cannot guarantee the freshness of the cookies.


Q When I buy Girl Guide cookies, where does my money go?

Proceeds from the sale of Girl Guide cookies support Guiding activities – both in your community and across the country. The money raised through cookie sales:

  • Helps us provide diverse and exciting programs and activities.
  • Allows girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and make lasting friendships.
  • Assists girls and leaders with attending camps and events.

Q How does cookie selling benefit girls?

Through cookie selling, girls in Guiding build confidence and gain empowerment. The experience of selling cookies helps girls learn about goal setting, practice teamwork, build their money skills and use their creativity. With the introduction of the e-cookies portal and our new online sales opportunity, girls in Guiding will continue to get the same great skill-building experience, plus valuable 21st century skills in a few new areas:

  • Teamwork
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Money mastery 
  • Digital media literacy 
  • Advocacy 

Q How many boxes of Girl Guide cookies are sold each year?

Million boxes of Girl Guide cookies are sold each year across Canada.

Q Are Girl Guide cookies peanut-free?

There are no peanuts or peanut products in Girl Guide cookies. The peanut-free logo and a peanut-free statement are located beside the ingredient list on all cookie boxes. To avoid the risk of cross-contamination, our cookies are produced in a peanut-free bakery to ensure that everyone can enjoy them. Get more information on Dare Foods' commitment to a peanut-free facility.

Q Do Girl Guide Cookies have an expiry date?

To ensure Girl Guide Cookies retain their optimum taste, texture and appearance they have a freshness guarantee date. Classic Girl Guide cookies are best within ten months of the date they were produced, while chocolately-mint cookies are best eaten within eight months of production. Girl Guide cookies can be consumed after these time periods even though the optimum quality will start to diminish. To determine the packaging date of your cookies, please locate the production date imprinted on the end flap of the box. This date represents the day cookies were produced.

Q Have you reduced the trans fats in Girl Guide Cookies? 

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC) is aware of the health issues surrounding particular processed foods, including cookies, and is committed to maintaining the quality of Girl Guide cookies while keeping these concerns in mind.

Girl Guides of Canada is proud to state announce that our classic chocolate and vanilla Girl Guide cookies have 0g trans-fat per serving, while our chocolatey mint cookies have 90 percent less trans-fat per serving than before. There is now only 0.1 g of trans-fat per serving (two cookies). Our ability to completely remove the trans-fat is limited by our desire to maintain the same quality, taste and texture of our chocolatey mint cookies. We have worked closely with our baker Dare Foods Ltd to reduce the trans-fat content of our cookies while maintaining the same great taste that Canadians love. As always, it is important to remember that cookies are a treat.

Q Are Girl Guide cookie boxes environmentally friendly?

Yes, both the shipper case and the box are printed on 100 per cent recycled material while the box's coating is water-based (which is more eco-friendly than previous coatings). The plastic tray is fully recyclable in most municipalities. The cookie tray over-wrap (the clear cellophane) is recyclable, but has limited acceptance - please check with your local municipality.

Q What kinds of programs/initiatives can girls take part in while selling cookies?

Girls have opportunities to earn awards and program badges by cookie selling! They can:

  • Work on their Our Story theme badge while learning about cookies sales and the history of cookies in GGC.
  • Rangers who participate in four different cookie campaigns, can earn their Ranger Cookie Campaign Challenge award. This is part of the Trailblazer Leadership Gold award but it can be earned separately.  
  • Cookie All Stars: Although Cookie All Stars will not be returning for the 2020-2021 Guiding year, we are working on developing a revised Cookie All Star program for future campaigns.

Q How long has GGC been selling cookies?

GGC has been selling cookies since 1927. It all began when a Regina Girl Guide Leader baked and packaged cookies as a simple way to raise money. Girl Guide cookies are a time-honoured and eagerly awaited Canadian tradition. Read more about the history of Girl Guide cookies in Canada.

Q Who should I contact if I have more questions or concerns?

If you are a customer who has purchased cookies online and need assistance contact us 

For questions/concerns pertaining to our new e-cookies portal please contact us at

Are there any Door to Door selling restrictions?

COVID-19 Restrictions – In some parts of the country you still may see girls selling cookies door to door, Girl Guides of Canada has developed safety protocols that girls and Guiders must follow if choosing to sell cookies through traditional selling methods.

While several provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario have restrictions on certain types of door to door sales (specifically air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces, water treatment devices or any other prescribed product) there are no restrictions on girl Guide Cookie sales. Charitable organizations are exempt from such bans.