Board of Directors and CEO

Sarah Govan-Sisk Chair of the Board
Lisa Trostenko Director – Treasurer
Melinda Gibson Director – Governance
Andrea Chakma Director – Chair, National Youth Council
Adrienne Edmunds Director – International Commissioner
Sheliza Ismail Director
Janette Yuen Director
Evan Swance-Smith Director
Pamela Laycock Vice-Chair
Helen Cashman Director – Guiding Experience
Shannon Benner Chief Executive Officer

Members of the Board of Directors serve three-year terms and are elected annually by the voting electorate as per GGC’s By-Laws. The voting electorate consists of current members of the Board Directors, Provincial Commissioners and the National Youth Council. In addition to setting GGC’s strategic direction and providing oversight on complex legal, governance, risk management and financial matters, Board Directors take a great deal of time to carefully consider what’s in the best interest of girls, volunteers and GGC as a whole to ensure our organization is relevant, growing and sustainable.

If you have any questions regarding GGC’s Board of Directors please direct your inquiries to the Executive Office at

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