Awards for all branches

Awards for Guides

  • Lady Baden-Powell Award (PDF)
    This award provides girls with the opportunity to learn more about Girl Guides and gain a deeper understanding of the sisterhood of Guiding. The Lady Baden-Powell award is the highest award girls can earn in the Guides program.

The Guide Camping Awards can be earned as Guides learn about and experience camping. Beginning with the Camp Out Award and culminating in the Experienced Camper Award, Guides build skills and experience one of the most exciting and loved parts of Guiding.

  • Camp Out Award
    The requirements for this award may be completed in a residential camp-out setting in a backyard or in a tent at a campsite.
  • Basic Camper Award
    This award may be earned at an overnight, weekend or a multi-night camp. One camp will consist of two consecutive nights. Camping should be done in tents.
  • Experienced Camper Award
    Camping for this award will be done in tents. You will spend at least four nights in a tents and the requirements will often be completed at more than one camp.

Awards for Pathfinders

  • Community Service Award (PDF)
    The Community Service Award is an opportunity for girls to find out what’s going on in their community and learn how they can make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Citizenship Certificate (PDF)
    Earning the Citizenship Certificate demonstrates that Pathfinders actively care about Canada and the people around them.
  • Canada Cord (PDF)
    The Canada Cord encourages girls to meet new people, learn more about themselves and their abilities, and puts their leadership skills into action. It is the highest award a Pathfinder can achieve.

Awards for Rangers

Non-GGC Awards

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  • The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • The Commonwealth Award

For awards in your province please visit your provincial website.