Safe Guide forms for Ontario Properties

Ontario Council has started (partially completed) the SG.4 (Emergency Response Form) and SG.1 for all properties. Guiders are required to work together to write their own emergency procedures. They need to think through what might be legitimate concerns at their location and make their own specific plans for that particular camp/event/outing.
Camp Adelaide  SG.1 SG.4 
Camp Ademac SG.1 SG.4
Bonita Glen Camp SG.1 SG.4
Camp Bryerswood SG.1 SG.4
Camp Conestogo SG.1 SG.4
Doe Lake Camp SG.1 SG.4
Kah-Ne-Do SG.1 SG.4
Kienuka SG.1 SG.4
Ma-Kee-Wa SG.1 SG.4
Orenda SG.1 SG.4
Tekahionwake SG.1 SG.4
SG.1 SG.4
Woolsey SG.1 SG.4
Wyoka SG.1 SG.4
Mississauga Girl Guide Centre   SG.4
Windsor Guide House   SG.4
 SG. 4 Winter Camping Supplement   SG.4


25/05/2018 5:13:21 AM