If you are having difficulty resetting your Member Zone password here are some steps you can follow to resolve the most common issues. If the problem persists please email membershipsystems@girlguides.ca for tech support. If you have already emailed support@girlguides.zendesk.com or info@girlguides.ca you do not need to resend your request. Members may be waiting up to 10 days due to the high volume of support requests at this time.

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Error when submitting request for a password reset

"Unexpected error" when clicking submit on the forgot password page. This issue is specific to the Google Chrome web browser.

Solution: Use another web browser with the same device or use another device if possible.

Account locked

The account gets locked when trying to sign in too many times with an incorrect password.

Solution: Wait at least an hour and try again. It the issue persists, use this link to change your password.

Error when setting a new password

Either "Unexpected error" or “Invalid redirect” when clicking submit while setting a new password.

Solution: Close the web browser and go back to the Member Zone site. Do a hard refresh on the browser page by pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time on the keyboard. If the password was saved successfully, the home page will indicate that the password worked. Otherwise, the sign-in prompt will show, in which case, perform the password reset process again.

If this does not resolve the problem, contact MembershipSystems@girlguides.ca and explain that you have tried this step.

Password reset request says my email does not match my ID

Error: “email address does not match your iMIS ID” even if the email entered is correct.

Cause: On some iPhone devices there is a problem if the email is entered in all lowercase letters, even if the email is the correct email saved on the member profile.

In other cases, the email account entered might not match the email address registered for the account.


  • Try typing the first letter of email address as a capital (or try all letters as capitals).
  • Make sure this is the email saved in your membership profile; if you have a second email account, try it instead.

Remove old password saved in web browser

Sometimes, the login with a new password does not work due to a previous password saved in the web browser.

Solution: Remove previously saved password for Member Zone in the browser.

Clear browser history

Clear the browser history before logging in with a password.

Sign in to Member Zone with membership number

When signing in, make sure to enter the membership number in the username not an email address.

Not receiving the password email notification

Submitted a password request but did not receive the notification email.


  • Check your email junk or spam folder.
  • To ensure receipt of the password notification, add donotreply@girlguides.ca email to your safe contacts, then submit a password reset again.

Error “Access Denied”

In Member Zone, the error “Access Denied” pops up. The username is an email address. Login account used is the parent (or family) account for girl registration site. The username to sign into Member Zone should be the Guider membership (aka iMIS) number.

If the error persists, contact MembershipSystems@girlguides.ca, confirm the steps attempted and clearly specify the error message to allow us to address the issue.