Becoming a Trainer

Becoming a Trainer

Any Guider can help another Guider with ideas or information, this is training! Sometimes an experienced Guider will support someone new to a post over an extended period. They are called mentors.

Training adults requires different skills to those we use when working with girls. The Trainer Foundation Modules are standard across Canada and provide a basic introduction to these skills and techniques. These modules (including Introduction to Adult Learning) can be taken by any Guider who has already taken Safe Guide and Orientation to Guiding. The modules are usually offered at January Conference, held annually in.

Trainer Foundation Modules

  • If you are interested in becoming a trainer complete form TR2 PDF and send it to your Provincial Training Adviser (PTA).
  • She or an experienced Trainer will follow up on the reference.
  • At this stage you may be invited to Training Committee meetings or to trainings as an observer.
  • You will be kept informed by the PTA of opportunities to take the Understanding the Adult Learner module and the Trainer Stream Modules.
  • If you have experience as a trainer of adults you may be able to claim equivalence for some or all of the modules.
  • Once you have completed the modules by any means you will be awarded the purple TEAM pin.
  • If you still wish to become a trainer you can now complete a TR3 PDF form and forward this to your PTA.

Trainer Candidate

  • The TR3 PDF will be considered by the Provincial Training Advisor and if you have met all the requirements you will be appointed as a Trainer Candidate. You will then have access to the trainer's section of the National website which contains the facilitator’s notes.
  • In consultation with the Provincial Training Adviser a mentor will be assigned to you. If no suitable mentors are available in your Area one may be selected from another Area.
  • Using your previous experience the mentor will work with you to further develop your trainer competencies. Equivalency can be requested, use form TR1 PDF for this. Normally you will work with only one mentor but you may have several. Within this mentoring relationship, you will have the opportunity to:
    • Observe you mentor deliver at least one training
    • Co-train at least two trainings (different modules, if possible)
    • Perform self-assessment of your trainer competencies and discuss these with your mentor
    • Do one training and receive feedback from your mentor
  • Forms TR5 PDF and TR6 PDF are used by you and your mentor to gauge your experience and to create a development plan.
  • When you are ready, your skills are assessed in partnership with your mentor based on the Trainer Self-Evaluation TR5 PDF and Trainer Observation TR6 PDF forms. The assessment must take place within three years of becoming a trainer candidate. Should you be unsuccessful, a new mentor can be arranged if you wish to continue.
  • Your PTA will send a letter of recommendation from the mentor and herself, along with a copy of a recent TR5 PDF and TR6 PDF forms to the Provincial Council. This can be done at any time of year.
  • If the candidate has met all the requirements she is appointed as a trainer for a three year term and receives the trainer pin. Your iMIS record will be updated by the Provincial Council office.
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