How it Works

With E-Learning you use your computer, linked to the internet, to access training materials. They are designed to lead you through the materials of the modules. You can access this type of learning whenever you want and work at your own speed.

There is a small fee for accessing each e-learning module that can either be paid by credit card OR you can obtain a pre-paid pin number by contacting the Provincial Council office.


  • Go to the learning portal located at http://www.learninglibrary.com/GirlGuides/indexnew2.asp
  • Sign in
    1. New User? Click on "Register Now" and complete the information on the registration screen. Note your email address that was entered is now your User ID.
      A confirmation and receipt will be sent to this email address.
      Once you have entered the personal information and are returned to the first screen, click on About You at the TOP navigation bar.
    2. Registered previously? Click on "Existing User Login"

Purchasing a Training Module

Once you have registered and from the "About You" top navigation bar:
  • Choose "Update Wallet/Add PIN" (left bar of the screen)
  • Enter the PIN# into the Promotion Incentive Number (PIN) field. Select "Add to Wallet" beside this field.
  • You will receive a confirmation of the PIN amount entered in your wallet. You will also be able to view this updated amount in your wallet in the "My Wallet" area
  • Select "Catalog" from the TOP navigation bar menu and click on the module(s) category(ies) you would like to take on the left side (Safe Guide, Orientation or Foundation Modules)
  • Click the "Buy Now!" button beside the course you have chosen.
  • On the module screen, click on "Buy Now!"
  • On the payment screen, click on tick box that states "Show My Coupons".
  • Enter the total dollar amount of the course including GST ($5.25) in the Amount to Apply box. Click "Apply" and then click "Check Out".
  • A confirmation page will appear with your purchase and a confirmation number. Click "Continue" and click on left bar to highlight your module. Click on title of module (name of course).
  • Module name appears and click on right hand button that is flashing stating "launch course".
  • As instructed in the box that appears, click on "here" to open the course you selected.
  • Once in a module you will have to open the pop up icons or click on the boxes that appear to move through the module.

Printing Your Certificate

When you have successfully finished the training you will be provided with a link to your certificate. In order for your name and iMIS number to appear on your certificate you need to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat on your computer, otherwise when you print your certificate your name and iMIS number will be missing. Please send a copy of your certificate to the Provincial Council office for entry into iMIS.
6/12/2024 10:56:11 AM