SK Provincial Challenges and Crests

In addition to core programming badges, Girl Guides have the opportunity to participate in challenges and activities as a way to gain a greater understanding and broaden their interest and appreciation for, not only Guides, but for a vast array of other themes. Those themes might include: science; the environment; music and arts; international issues; self-esteem or history, just to name a few. Upon completion of challenges, girls receive crests in recognition of their achievement.

New! To order your Saskatchewan Council crests, please complete the SK Council Crest Order form.

Currently, the challenges active and available through the SK Council are:

Bring a Friend Crest

SK Council Bring A Friend Crest

Go Green Challenge

Click the challenge to see crest design.

Heritage Lake Crests

  • Heritage Lake Blue Crest
    Heritage Lake - Blue Crest
  • Heritage Lake Loon Crest
    Heritage Lake - Loon Crest
  • Heritage Lake Sunset Crest
    Heritage Lake - Sunset Crest

Saskatchewan Challenge

Saskatchewan Challenge crests

Saskatchewan Provincial Crests

  • SK Lily Crest
    Saskatchewan Lily Crest
  • SK Provincial Crest
    Saskatchewan Provincial Crest

Self Care Challenge

This challenge is for Guiders, Rangers and Unit Assistants (click on challenge to see crest design). At this time, these crests are only available to members located in Saskatchewan.

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