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The Provincial Training Committee

The Provincial Training Committee’s goal is to educate, encourage, and provide support to all our province’s trainers and training advisers so that they in turn can confidently provide current, quality, and relevant learning opportunities to our Guiders.

While our foundation is the National Training and Enrichment for Adult Members (TEAM) program, we have the knowledge and training experience to design training sessions to meet BC Guiders’ specific needs. To that end we continually share information and strategies with other provincial and national committees.

Training opportunities sponsored by the Provincial Training Committee:

  • District Commissioner series of 5 modules, offered at least once every year
  • Trainer Learning Path series of 6 modules, offered at least once every 3 years, or as interest warrants

We encourage Trainer competence and ongoing development by:

  • Providing training resources, tools, and opportunities to broaden a trainer’s horizons
  • Monitoring trainer status and the peer review process, including facilitating observations where required
  • Appointing new trainers who have completed the requirements
  • Engaging closely with each Area’s Training Adviser to support their efforts at the local level

Interested in becoming a trainer? Contact your Area Training Adviser to learn more!

BC Training Committee

Provincial Training Adviser: Barb Munsie

BC Training Committee Members:

  • Kerrie Glover
  • Annalisa Adam
11/30/2023 11:54:09 AM