Unit Guider Resources

Unit Guider Resources

Unit Planning

Best Practices (PDF)
Guider Resources from National
Service Project Ideas (All) (PDF)

Girl Awards

Girl Program Awards  (PDF)

Canada Cord
Canada Cord Resource and Tracking Booklet (Single Sided PDF)
Canada Cord Resource and Tracking Booklet (Double Sided PDF)
Canada Cord Certificate Request Form (Word) May 2019
Canada Cord Tracking Sheet (from National)

Lady Baden-Powell
Lady Baden-Powell Resource and Tracking Booklet (Single Sided PDF)
Lady Baden-Powell Resource and Tracking Booklet (Double Sided PDF)
Lady BP Certificate (PDF)

Trailblazer Leadership Award
Chief Commissioner's to Trailblazer Leadership Award Transition
Girls First Rangers' Awards Equivalencies
Trailblazer Leadership Gold Award Certificate Request Form (Word) May 2019


Read FunFinder newsletters for ideas

Program Resources

Be a Model Citizen module (PDF)
Brownie Program Cross Reference (PDF)

Event Planning

Snowflake Ball Toolkit (S, B)
Rainbow Revelry Event Resource (S, B)
Red Appendix
Orange Appendix
Yellow Appendix
Green Appendix
Blue Appendix
Purple Appendix
Rainbow Appendix

Instant Meeting Ideas

Instant Meetings include the idea, instructions and a list of supplies.

Resources in your District

Ask your district or area program adviser to locate the tool kits available within BC. See district program adviser about activities in a box, and any other program connections.

Active Living toolkit

Eco-Pak Challenge (PDF)
(NEW!) Science Out Of The Box (PDF) - replaces Science in a Box

Treasure Box

Treasure box
Birds Fly South – game board
Colouring Sheets
Compass Drawings
Compass Message Puzzles
Decoder Ring Template
Following Directions Resources
Magic Maps
Map Compass Idea Cards (1/4)
Map Compass Idea Cards (2/4)
Map Compass Idea Cards (3/4)
Map Compass Idea Cards (4/4)
Sundial Template
Wedding Story

Arts to Go toolbox

Arts to Go – Music
Arts to Go – Dance
Arts to Go – Drama
Arts to Go – Crafts

Electronic Record Keeping

Spark record sheet (ver 0911) (Excel)
Brownie record sheet (ver 0911) (Excel)
Guide record sheet (Excel)
Pathfinder record sheet - ver 03/13 (Excel)
Ranger record sheet- ver 06/13 (Excel)

Guiding Challenges Across Canada

Girl Guide crests from across Canada – Program cross reference

National (Memberzone provides full challenge list)
British Columbia
New Brunswick and PEI
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia

Ideas to share or questions regarding the girls’ programs or information on this page can be sent to bc-program@girlguides.ca. Please include your name, district, and area.
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